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Dalry Junction. Douglas Firebick Factory.


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I was having a conversation with my uncle at Christmas where he was recalling his brief time at the Douglas Firebrick Factory in Dalry Ayrshire. One of the jobs where everyone seemed to vanish, was the unloading  of China Clay from small mineral wagons and frequently the tarpaulins would have became loose with the China Clay becoming a sludge with the rain.


I was wondering if anybody on here had any ideas where this load originated, Cornwall presumably, and if any body had any more information or photographs?


Many thanks




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No photos but there seemed to be a lucrative trade from Cornwall, south coast at Fowey and north coast at Bideford as well as Poole in Dorset in clay - ball and pipe clay. Not being an expert in clays I dont know if this is right.  The fireclay was mided at the nearby Redcastle fireclay mine.


I recall rattling past the Douglas works on dmu's from Largs in the 1970s and 80s and speculating about the factory site.  Dalry station was still a proper station with covered sloping footbridge and a few sidings.  Many's the time I had to change at Dalry on a Sunday as the Largs units terminated there, to join a Swindon unit to Glasgow.


Good luck with your research.



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