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Foxton yard


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Well here's first previews and the background behind my layout; (introduction in the new members area)

I wanted something which I could actually see progress and enjoy shunting whilst building so I came up with Foxton yard!

Its a end to end layout measuring 8 x 2 with a yet to be designed fiddleyard coming off at 90 degrees too the layout, I wanted to make it into sections so if I was lucky enough to get to exhibit it would be easy to handle.

I plan to run austerity's and anything from the green era, specific years t.b.c.

I will try to post the updates on a weekly basis as I have made a library of pictures during the build (I am currently at the stage of just adding some fine detail, figures fencing buildings e.t.c)

Here's a few photo's from when I first started it.


Here's the underneath,


That's all for now folks more to come soon.


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Here's a shot of the goods shed area, made with polyfiller.

I laid the filler out with some filling knifes from a £ shop then when the filler was just starting to go off I ran a old stock wagon along the tracks and this then imprinted in the filler and this was removed with a stanley knife.

Thinking back I should have mixed some grey paint withh the filler to avoid any white chip marks.post-24361-0-80714100-1419934430_thumb.jpg

when completly dry I ran over the tops of the rails with a track rubber and this made the filler level with the tracks.

If you decide to use polyfiller for a yard area be warned it sticks to everything!

The yard was to be covered in gravel and a grassy area which was starting to be neglected a little due to the less frequent traffic using the yard, this is what it ended up like,


I couldn't resist just putting the goods shed on and a truck.

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A bit more scenic work on the whole layout. I have curved the back scene/board so I am able to create a photograph from around the bend rather than most of the end to end layouts where you only photograph either side ways or head on, take a look, as always comments are welcome.



This one shows the extended goods yard area



With some gravel added onto the polyfiller



This one shows the engine shed and crane area



Thats all for now more to come including some pics of sme of my loco's


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One of the loco's leaves the shed for the morning shift



It looks there's been a break in


That's all for now, progress been a little slow was finding it hard to keep inspired but after a trip the show at Doncaster and seeing the great layouts finally found my mojo.


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