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Blog- Penborne locomotive works - Hornby 14xx detailing part two.

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No photos this time I'm afraid, they'll follow tomorrow.


I spent more time on the wheels today making sure they were right, which they aren't. I was aware that my bodge job on the axles may not work and it seems it didn't, at least not as well as I had hoped, I'm not 100% sure the wheels are exactly parallel and there is a tight spot somewhere when they are rolling but I think that's more to do with my quartering.

More work to follow.


On the other hand, more detail went on today. The auto equipment is now sat nicely on/under the buffer beams each end and I may purchase the paint tomorrow or the day after.

The deadline is drawing close now so transfers which have to be ordered in may have to wait until after but since I chose my prototype a long time ago I already have a set of etched plates just waiting to be applied.


After all these chassis problems I'm now thinking s*d this one lets get a high level chassis kit, we'll see


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