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Hi I've started this thread just incase anyone has any photos or information on Edgelane Junction.


I started the layout nearly a year ago and thanks to the Beast and photos on Flickr from 'The Edgehill Signalman' I've got some great information and inspiration of what to do.


Edgelane Junction itself was situated just off Edgehill and Pighue Lane, right next to the Grid Iron and Exhibition Junction and the layout being based in late 60's.


Edge Lane Junction was a simple junction with two lines going off to the left and to the right, Pighue Lane and Edgehill. I'm no expert on the area but it handled most if not all bootle branch traffic, including aintree specials an blue Pullmans, north docks traffic and local dmu services from southport to Liverpool as well as light engine movements from sheds such as bankhall an aintree, so lots of potential for operation.


I have gone for a bit of 'modellers licence' and added an extra slow line and head shunt, from the Edge Hill road, but that was just for operational interest.


Here's the link that inspired the layout.




And here's a couple of pics of the progress so far.


The original plan.


Track laying begins.


A big thank you to the Beast for his time and effort drawing the signalling diagram up.

The original.


Edgelane Junction the layout.


And finally progress as far as the other week.



Any information or photos would be great fully recieved.


Thanks in advance, Paul

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That's great thanks 40044, I was passing the other day in work so stopped of to take a look through the railings and opposite the points is a small sandstone brick retaining wall. I've only noticed it on one old photo but it's still there under all the bushes.

A pic I took.


And a dodgy drawing by me.


Cheers, Paul

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Besides the obvious docks traffic, the Bootle Branch handled traffic for Sandhills / Redfern St area, Aintree Containerbase which opened in the late 60s or early 70s, Metal Box and Reads Tinplate at Aintree, a stone terminal at Aintree, Fazakerley CCE and S&T depots, numerous terminals within Kirkby Trading Estate, Lanstar at Litherland, scrap from Rifkins at Kirkdale, and a handful of domestic coal depots on the Southport line and the Bootle Branch itself.

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