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first of all happy new year to all who follow my blog. i have been after something a bit different after seeing Hornby have planned a EC 91 just after i finished mines (typical!). this got me thinking about the different EC 91s that could be modelled and i had a bit of a brain wave. having done a P-way course and having got 1S01 to Edinburgh each day that was hauled by a 91 99% of the time i had seen it at least 6 or 7 times and it sure is an odd ball in two respects. the subject i have chosen is 91114 with its twin pan and its lindisfarne livery. i have got most of the decals made up with a lot of help from the lads and lassies over on the Class 91 Appreciation&Photography Society on Facebook for various pictures of the loco to see what goes where as both sides are slightly different. will be test fitting the the decals using normal A4 paper just to see if it all fits and what needs re sized before putting them on decal paper. hopefully have some form of pictures to show by the end of the week. will also have a layout thread up once i think of a name for it.....<br /><br />oh and the NB 47s turned up so thought i would include a pic before any bits where added.<div id='attach_wrap' class='rounded clearfix'>

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