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Modellers from Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South of the Thames

Canterbury Model Railway Exhibition 17/18th. January.2015.

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The house and cars survived the high winds last night so the layout is still fine and we have transport for the weekend. Just a few stock trays to finish off before we load the car Friday night.


Looking forward to Canterbury, our first show of the year.

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Will be there with Kinlet wharf. They have definitely gone big on modern image N gauge layouts!


Phase 1 of the journey done, shame it was in a north westerly direction. But when the layout is is stored that way and you drive the van I suppose you have to do it!



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Cracking show. And apart from the 4 hour drive home it was a good weekend all round.


Loved seeing smithdown road junction, quite surprised at the size of it. I had always imagined it to be larger. Big thanks for them running my sound pannier, which worked surprisingly well for the first time! Plus for the loan of the scotrail 90, there was something very nice about seeing the full 16 sleepers with that on the front rather than the EWS 90 that usually pulls it.


Quite surprised to see that of the 4 n gauge layouts there, they were all modern image. Not that I minded!



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A brilliant show, 


 Well organised and very well looked after, Nice to have met and chatted with some fellow RMWebbers, Great to be next to Kinlet wharf, A fantastic layout that i couldn't believe is nearly 20 years old. A very nice selection of layouts and like Alistair said 4 N gauge modern image ones, right up my street.


I've taken some photo's and a couple of short video's which i'l upload soon.





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The always impressive Banbury, Ian's attention to detail is excellent.






Seeing double!





First time i've seen Loch Tat and WOW.








herstmonceux, One thing i really liked about this model were the tree's.






More to follow.








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Woodstowe, A beautiful layout with an interesting timetable.








Kinlet wharf, Always been one of my favourite N gauge layouts.










And finally the chaps on Kinlet wharf kindly put my Scotrail 90 on there 16 coach sleeper, looked very impressive, i've got some video which i'l also post.











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Thanks to Jeremy and his team for a great weekend and putting on a smashing show with  excellent layouts.The 4 N gauge Modern Image layouts were a bit of a coup, all quality and all unique in their own way. Was rather taken with the trackplan of Graham's Smithdown, all very  "Alice in Wonderland Rabbit holes". We were next to Loch Tat with Adrian and his merry band. That alone ensured a fairly raucous weekend. On the other side was Herstmonceux with a similarly minded bunch of operators. This layout is definitely worth catching if you get the chance. Will reiterate Graham's comment, nice to see "scale" sized trees.

Thanks to Paul, Tim, Steve, George for all helping out at various times and to all those who stopped by and had a chat.



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