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As noted in the previous post, all modeling stopped due to the household being subjected to a vile, virulent virus. First I was in control, then I came down with it. But with recovery on its way I looked at the Caprotti and thought about working on the motion and cylinders. Then I thought that it might not be the most sensible thing to do, so I opened up the tender packets. . . .


Comet's tender kits come in two parts, the chassis and the body. The chassis can be used with a RTR body if desired but the brass body kit is excellent value and makes a nice model. I took my time and progressed this far in one, or was it two, days.




The rolling chassis consists of side frames and spacers. The two end spacers have lugs that fit into slots on the side frames. This helps in aligning the chassis. The axle spaces need a little reaming out.]


After this, the brake shoes and rodding was installed (photos later!) and the wheels fitted.


On top of the frame comes the base of the tender:




Thin strips of rivet detail has to be carefully soldered onto the outer side frames. Simple tack soldering is the recommended approach to this seemingly daunting operation.




The outer side frames are then tack soldered to the tender floor (this view is upside down). Those gaps would disappear later.




Moving forward several steps, the floor and the rolling frame were temporarily bolted together as shown here:




There was no tidying up done before this photo was taken. The tender body comes next.

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