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Blog- Peter Findlay's Blog - 2014 Summary

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Well so much for trying to be good and create a blog entry reguarily in 2014!!! :sarcastichand: :lazy:


Ok I'll shift that to the new year resolution for 2015. Still I may not have made many blog updates but I did manage to make some modelling progress last year.

Progress was made on several fronts during 2014. Over the summer I managed to build some Parkside and Cambrian kits - they still need painted and decals applied but it was nice to actually make something.


I retrieved my old Hornby track, locos and rolling stock from the from the loft and tested them. After nearly 20 years in storage it all still worked, so to keep costs down I'm going to use some of the track and one of the locos for my new layout. I realise it might not provide the most reliable running, but it will let me flex those dormant "modelling muscles" and get back into practice.


I decided on a track plan for a layout - actually I decided to follow Phil Parkers Edgeworth layout as serialised in BRM. I'll make a few changes along the way, e.g. switch it to ex-Caledonian / LMS, but for a first layout in more than 20 years it meets my requirements for being small and easy to store in a cramped family home and lets me start "playing" with trains again. Two base boards have been constructed and the track on the first one laid, wired and tested.


Finally for Christmas, my family jumped on my modelling bug and gave me a new Bachmann Midland 1F 0-6-0 (LMS 1725 Livery) and Gaugemaster combi controller. For someone turning 40 this year it was nice to fee like a kid again opening toys on Christmas morning!!! :yahoo:


So if I stick to my new year's resolution, I'll create separate blog updates on each of these areas as I make progess and hopefully not just make my next post be a summary of 2015.


Happy New Year to everyone on RMWeb.




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