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80220 BSK support coach for K1 62005 - picture help please.....


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I'm looking to do 80220, the BSK that has been accompanying K1 62005 in Scotland in 2013/2014.


Whilst I can find a few pictures out there - mostly in the background of 62005..... I'm trying to find more details of it, particularly of the ends, roof and underframe.


this picture


Highlights a few details, such as the sealed up brake doors - 2nd set in. I need to try and check the other side..


The biggest mods are the shutter doors on the sides. I have trawled through flickr pics of 62005 for starters, but if anyone can help with pictures from other angles, I'd be most grateful




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this was one of the NN coded 'courier van' conversions from BSK dia.NN504 - parkin book states they were conversions for handling high-security mail and parcels which were accompanied en-route

on conversion in 1986-7:

toilet and 1st compt retained (seats 6)

next compt. windows plated over with ventilation openings

3rd compt shutter doors installed

4th compt plated over and adjacent passenger door sealed (retains hinges but handle removed)


NNX 80220 used to be BSK 35276


from the description and photos in parkin, the windows must've been plated over (but everything retained) as the linked photos show the 1st and 3rd windows reinstated, unless of course someone has gone to the trouble of refitting whole window frames etc. parkin doesn't state if the seats were removed from the 'plated' compts.

the sealed double doors in the fromer van area look to have been plated over as opposed to being fully plated and sealed


from what i've read, both sides of the vehicle would be the same and otherwise standard BSK (although that does not discount any post-BR modifications)

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