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Modellers from Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South of the Thames

Anyone for a weekend away?

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Dear all


I have been sent an invitation by a group of "OO Fremo" modellers in Berlin as to whether a small number of us may like to travel over and experience a 'larger scale' modular meetup at their next meeting over the dates 18th-21st June 2015.


The contact, who is an RMWeb member, approached me following previous discussions about modular modelling.


Over these days they will assemble a OO Fremo modular layout and run a 1950s/1960s Eastern Region timetable.  We are not expected to bring any modules, just ourselves and if we have any suitable stock to run.


As "observers", although we would be able to run trains, we wouldn't need to be there the whole time so we could travel Friday evening and come back Sunday morning.


A quick poke around Easyjet's site shows prices of around £100 for a return flight from Gatwick (19.55 is the last departure), and accommodation options range from "sleeping bag on the hall floor" through hostels for about €35 a night and more expensive hotels, plus our meals.  Driving is unlikely to be a practical option.  The contact would probably be able to arrange or advise on local transport, hotels and suchlike depending on who is interested and what the thoughts may be.


I don't know whether there is any interest in this, or whether the date may be too close to our own modular meet once we have confirmed a date - but I thought I'd throw this out to you all to see whether there might be any interest in such an escapade.


I've never been to Germany before but I'm told most of the people at the meeting speak good English - I only know nein words of German myself.


Reply below if this is of interest to you and we'll see if it may be a viable trip.

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I now follow this topic to see what happens here.


Yes we are doing a modular meeting with prototypical operations over here. I would be glad if one or two come around and look and play with us.

It will take place in Elstal which is an old railway workers village to the west of Berlin but near enough to travel there conveniently by train (3,30€ for a journey).

Under certain circumstances overnight accommodation can be provided free of charge for a few visitors with sleeping bags on the ground or on a sofa. But I cannot give a guarantee for this at the moment. A guesthouse is in the vicinity with provides rooms as well as breakfast: http://kastanienhof-elstal.de/zimmer.html (left column, the right one is for additional dinner).




Any questions please ask.


Cromptonnut, please organise the UK part of this "weekend away". I'll cater for the Berlin part.




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Behind the scenes there is already much going on. We will again have some modules ready built just in time (plywood desert look) but all in all this does not much detract the fun.
We will have a small "prove of concept" in couplings as this will be the first meeting with Kadee couplers. These allow for better shunting and decoupling than Tension locks. However I don't expect that all vehicles will be fitted (e.g. internal couplings of a coach rake not to be separated) and I'd like to stress that you are not required to modify your stock if you decide to bring something along (as long as it's DCC'd).
Turning to the more important things, if you'll come from Fri evening to Sun morning as mentioned, I will pick you up from the Airport. Then we will have a nice ride in some suburban trains to reach your accommodation. If there will still be operation on Fri evening (depending when you arrive) we can visit the layout before checking in. On Sat after breakfast, if there will be some time before operation starts I can show you Elstal's holding sidings (ex marshalling yard). Operation on the layout will be from 10 am in sessions of 2½ h length until 6 pm. Fingerfood is available on site to survive the day, and additionally there is either a diner at a restaurant or a barbecue outside planned. Sunday morning will be your travel back to the airport.
The meeting will take place in a church, please look here for pictures of the previous meeting (German content): https://www.flickr.com/photos/105846984@N07/sets/72157647537908562/
IMG_8247 by Conrail_Markus, on Flickr
The view from above onto the venue.
Estimated costs per person (no warranty!):
~55 GBP for accommodation and breakfast
~20 GBP for the restaurant visit and/or catering
~5 GBP for transit to and from site
These may vary depending on when you will arrive and leave, whether the guesthouse in Elstal has rooms left and not least on the GBP-EUR rate.
Are you convinced? :)

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Hi everyone,


I just returned from our own modular meeting and I am glad and tired, to tell it briefly. We have had our biggest modular layout so far, but it was just our 4th meeting so who knows what comes next.


Latterly we increased our module stock sharply with the result that on one curve the track has been laid after setup thursday afternoon. But Markus did manage it professionally, he is a very experienced modular modeller.



IMG_0061 by Conrail_Markus, auf Flickr



IMG_0060 by Conrail_Markus, auf Flickr


Furthermore we did introduce a new design of wagon cards and freight labels. In the future they allow to distinguish air braked and vacuum braked wagons very easily. This did not play a big role at this meeting though.


The other innovation was the equipment of all wagons and almost all locos with Kadee couplers. This enshured reliable running without any detachments and comfy decoupling. They are a wealth for optics too. Kadee couplers have only been possible by strict utilisation of radii of at least 1000 mm, in case of the double track main line 1500 mm.


This was our layout:




Graphic timetables are here:

Main line: https://files.iamfabulous.de/FMoehring/public2/Els15_Hauptstrecke.jpg/and https://files.iamfabulous.de/FMoehring/public2/Els15_Hauptstrecke2.jpg/

Branch line: https://files.iamfabulous.de/FMoehring/public2/Els15_Branch.jpg/and https://files.iamfabulous.de/FMoehring/public2/Els15_Branch2.jpg/


Here are 5 videos I took with my camera. They aren't perfect model videos, but I tried to show the fun we had and the people behind 00Fremo.

Bird's view of an Express passenger train: https://www.flickr.com/photos/91875255@N05/19052523625/in/album-72157654849542616/

Action at the double junction: https://www.flickr.com/photos/91875255@N05/18430275593/in/album-72157654849542616/

Splitting of a freight train into two portions (sadly the video stops at 03:00, download it to see the rest): https://www.flickr.com/photos/91875255@N05/19050474295/in/album-72157654849542616/

The Interregional train starting at the branch line terminus: https://www.flickr.com/photos/91875255@N05/19042926362/in/album-72157654849542616/

Trip working towards the passenger station: https://www.flickr.com/photos/91875255@N05/18427249413/in/album-72157654849542616/


More of my photos with English captions can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/91875255@N05/sets/72157654849542616/with/18427249413/


Last but not least a photo of myself hard at work: http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/big/hp43-lq-02a7.jpg ;)


I wish you luck with your SECAG meeting.




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