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SECAG Modular Meet


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Dear all


Over in our SECAG area forum, we're looking at arranging a modular meetup, in May or June 2015.  Basically, any RMWeb member who wants to bring a module along, and can get to our super secret location in Merstham (near the M25/M23 junction, Surrey, half an hour north of Gatwick) in a day (or is happy to pay extra to stay overnight somewhere) can come along and have a play.  At the moment we are not looking for "spectators" but people who can bring along a module (or more than one) and a bit of stock to run.


Full details can be found in this thread: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/94263-secag-modular-meet/


Nothing needs to be completed as this is more a 'proof of concept' type meet, but modules need to be built to the RMWeb Modular Standards, and be electrically functional on the through main line(s) as a bare minimum so they can work - any incomplete sidings, scenery etc doesn't really matter at this stage.  We will no doubt get lots of stations but any scenic boards, particularly corners, are welcome to make fillers inbetween trains to give a decent run.


Control will be a Lenz system so any compatible handsets welcome (bring patch panels and extender leads if you can too) - and if all goes to plan we'll have jmir operating wireless if you have a compatible phone with suitable app.


If you would be interested, please drop over and be an honorary SECAG member for a weekend, and express your date preferences in the poll in the thread above.


Once we have a date then I will provide further details and where to send your deposit towards hire costs for the venue (split between all attendees).


Many thanks



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Thanks for opening it up I've indicated my 2 dates.


I would possibly be able to make Saturday 9th May but only if I can make another smaller module that would fit in my Car the other dates indicated I would bring "Bankside "the module""








Edit : date

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