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class 128 parcels unit underframe question.

peak experience

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased a Heljan model (model number: 89421 - TOPS number: M55995) and one of the underfloor components is mounted at an angle to the other boxes cylinders and other bits and pieces that hang from the solebar. The Heljan parts list shows the equipment as parts 55 and 56 - 'Heater Unit and Heater Unit Back'.

I've so far failed to find a decent prototype photograph of a side on view to confirm if this equipment is mounted correctly. I have managed to find other photos of the model that also show this equipment box at an angle to the true.

Can anyone confirm if Heljan have got this feature right before i start taking a craft knife to the model to rectify, what looks, to my eyes, to be a wonky component. Any help from you knowledgable chaps is, as always, gratefully received.

Regards, Peak 

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