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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Foster Street, Playing Trains or Adding to My Madness

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Well its been a weird weekend, feeling really washed out on Saturday I really had no energy to do any modelling, my brain was willing but my body refused to cooperate so I spent the time on my other pastime SULKING. Thankfully I was able to wallow in my own misery and the Domestic Overlord was away for the day visiting family.


Today though I decided enough was enough, and getting the domestic chores out of the way, like the good little boy that I am I decided to play with my trainset. The storage yard on Foster street not including the branch line can hold 9 trains, not much of a challenge to fill this I thought, but two roads remained stubbornly empty.


Anyway two of the roads are taken up with 11 coach passenger rakes representing diverted expresses. and I must admit I use to like watching these circle the layout with a maroon Jubilee of Scott and the front, that is until one of the rakes has suddenly decided to constantly uncouple randomly along its consist.

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