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Will Hornby's New S15 Look Like This?


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Hi All,


Just created a picture of a 1931-3 Maunsell SR dark green S15 No.831 from a couple of N15s and a Black 5 of all things to create what might be something like Hornby's proposed SR No.824 with Urie tender.


I have used driving wheels from weathered Standard 75005 for similar pics , but these pics have reduced 6' Black 5 drivers, for which I had a pic 'rods down'. Most of the rest is from SR N15 785 'Sir Mador de la Porte'. There are various footrest shapes and other detail changes which are no doubt not quite right, but they are impressive engines.


I fully expect the SR S15 to be good, can't wait!









other pics including N15s H15s and many other Hornby models can be found here;




edit already I can see that the driving wheel hubs are still too small.  ouch.

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Here is an S15 which will not be done by Hornby, original Urie style...  LSWR goods green.




and just to show my shameless adaptation of Urie King Arthur models and turning them into earlier versions of 4-6-0s here below is the first H15 of all 2/1914 LSWR No.486 in full passenger livery....


photography of the day because getting LSWR lined passenger green is nearly always, for me, endlessly difficult.







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