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Cattle Wagons, Part III

Posted by James Harrison , 05 December 2017 · 197 views

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Nearly finished. I'm now thinking about how to weather it, specifically how to realistically model the limewash.


I went back to my test piece.


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I tried tipex; it doesn't look right. There's something decidedly off and unsavoury about the appearance.


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On the other side, I tried matt white paint. I did think this might be a bit too thick and on the nose, but actually it looks about right....

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Nice work. The painted side looks right to me. I agree about the unsavoury looking tipex! :-)

If you want a bit of variety, the GC also had medium cattle vans and ex-LDEC ones. I have a drawing of the latter (somewhere) but photos of either are like hen's teeth.

James Harrison
Dec 06 2017 18:14

Thank you both.  I (think) the only drawing I have is for the large type- in Tatlow's book-  but then again I do have Dow's trilogy too with wagon drawings.  I can't recall if either the medium van or the LDECR type are in Volume 3.  The general plan is to ultimately have a rake of six or seven of these vans- but knowing me I'll add on some of the others too, if I can find the info.  

The medium van is very similar to the large, just shorter. The NRM York have a drawing for the LDEC van, which is where I got mine from. Wish I could lay my hands on it!

James Harrison
Dec 09 2017 11:49

Drat, that's a shame.... just gone through my copy of Dow's volume 3 and the only cattle wagon drawing is for the large type.  I wonder if the BRMNA reference page would suggest a source for a drawing....

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