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N-Gauge LMS Layout


1 Shade of Grey

Posted by paulprice , 14 August 2017 - * * * * * · 462 views
Foster street, stanier mogul and 5 more...
Well since my last update, I have not made a lot of progress on any of the projects clogging up the workbench. This has been partly due too a nightmare couple of weeks at work, and one of the side effects of my condition meaning my hands shake and spasm which makes N gauge challenging to say the least. Anyway my frustration at not actually doing...


Tanks for the Memories (3) - Or a Spot of Bad Weathering hit Foster Street

Posted by paulprice , 06 August 2017 - * * * * * · 673 views
foster street, n gauge, lms and 3 more...
Well my on-going battle with the string of 14T tank wagons continues and has got as far as them all receiving an initial coat of grime. As usual with me I think they look far too clean, the Domestics Overlord has commented in the past that if I could get them as dirty as I manage to get my shirt cuffs I still would not be happy. Call me suspicio...


4Fs - Tender filling - and finally complete?

Posted by paulprice , 04 August 2017 - * * * * * · 339 views
Foster Street, 4Fs, real coal and 2 more...
Well despite being a positive little Angel last year, the Fat Fella in the Red suit brought me a lump of Coal for my Christmas box. I was sure he got me mixed up with some other for want of a better term "naughty" person so the present just sat there on a shelf gathering dust, waiting for the day, it would be collected and my real present delivered....


Tanks for the Memories (2) - or Tanks a Lot

Posted by paulprice , 30 July 2017 - * * * * * · 460 views
foster street, lms, n gauge and 1 more...
Well since the last update I have come to realise as few things, some more important than others but the major discoveries are. 1. Modelling time is still incredibly rare.
2. I found my box of tanks wagons and a couple of other things that will remain secret.
3. I think I have a bit of a collecting problem. My last update highlighted a couple of...


Tanks for the Memories - Or where did I put that box of wagons

Posted by paulprice , 23 July 2017 - * * * * * · 391 views
N gauge, lms, Foster street and 4 more...
Well modelling time has been very, very scarce since my last update, in fact it been non existent, and a completely out of the blue visit today to a local "box shifter" resulted in a couple pre-owned bargains.

I have always like tank wagons, and I could not resist the pair, its only when I got them home that I realised they were not the bargains they se...


4F + 4F - Does not equal 8F

Posted by paulprice , 16 July 2017 - * * * * * · 634 views
LMS, 4F, Tender cab and 4 more...
Well I have had a few projects clogging up the workbench now for weeks, the problem being that time to spend on them has been extremely limited. Amongst the other projects desperately trying to get my attention, and finally succeeding was a pair of 4F's. One was the latest Farish offering from the "Landship" pack and the other was an older Farish mod...


Problem - How come you can find more projects to work on than you can find time to spend on them? Or Not another Jubilee

Posted by paulprice , 02 July 2017 - * * * * * · 439 views
Foster Street, LMS, stanier mogul and 4 more...
Lately finding time to spend modelling has been nearly impossible. I'm sure this happens to other modellers out there, but for me I either have no time with the pressures of work and general life then I barely have time to eat before I have to go to bed to start it all again or I have a little time and no energy to do anything. Anyway I have this rea...


Yes I have a problem - All I can see if 4Fs

Posted by paulprice , 18 June 2017 - * * * * * · 563 views
n gauge, 4f, farish 4f and 2 more...
Yes I admit it I have a problem.......... I think this model railway bug I have is terminal, or at least it will be when the Domestic Overlord finally realises how many "Toy Trains" I have. After a brilliant weeks holiday with the Domestic Overlord, down in Cornwall, a day out resulted in me becoming the proud owner of my second one of these.

At on...


I think I have a problem

Posted by paulprice , 04 June 2017 - * * * * * · 595 views
lms, Jubilee, Royal Scot, N gauge and 2 more...
Being a simple sort of a chap, I have spilt the world into two types of people, Railway Modellers (even those who model the SR) and Non-Railway Modellers. The problem is that unfortunately there seems to be far more Non-Railway Modellers in the world, which kind of make me thing I'm an endangered species, I certainly feel this way sometimes when I'm...


Foster Street - One thing leads to another - Ivatt Class 2 (2-6-0)

Posted by paulprice , 28 January 2017 - * * * * * · 506 views

Is it just me, or does this happen to other people too? I set out to do one thing, and ended up doing something different. I had intended to build some new storage trays for the stock I admit to owning (the stuff the Domestic Overlord has seen) and to be fair I set out to create 9 and I have its just I got fed up of fitting foam in them after the six...


Foster Street - A Tale of Christmas Woe

Posted by paulprice , 25 December 2016 - * * * * * · 319 views
N Gauge, Christmas, LMS and 2 more...
Well despite being absolutely brilliant since last Christmas, in fact despite being positively angelic, and only wanting a few Railway related things the Fat, Fella in the Red suit brought me nothing. So I have now decided that whoever said its "nice to be nice" was a Tree Hugging Hippy, and if I ever meet so called Santa, I'm going to kick him right...


Foster Street - Time to Splash as bit of paint about - 3

Posted by paulprice , 03 December 2016 - * * * * * · 549 views
lms flatiron, johnson 1P and 6 more...
Apparently something is going on later this month, apparently is something big, I got a clue to this when I came home from work in the week, and the Domestic Overlord had left some tinsel on the sofa. Now possessing detection skills that would make Sherlock Holmes to shame, my little grey cells kicked into action. Tinsel, shiny, and red, elementary m...


FOSTER STREET - Last Exhibition Appearance of 2016

Posted by paulprice , 20 November 2016 - - - - - - · 253 views
n gauge, lms, exhibitions and 1 more...
Well as I sit back enjoying a nice cuppa, I just thought I would review the activity of the weekend. 
Foster Street is now safely back in the spare room, after getting home from its last exhibition of 2017, which was held by the Pendle Forrest Club. 
I have to say the chaps at the Pendle Forrest club made us feel very welcome, and we had a great...


Foster Street - Time to Splash a bit of paint around 2

Posted by paulprice , 16 November 2016 - * * * * * · 551 views
n gauge, lms, fowler flatiron and 4 more...
Well I have managed to do two things since my last update, one has been even more successful that I imagined. First to the SUCESS. I have managed to avoid any form of emulsion paint application around the house, the Domestic Overlord has not even mention my lack of decorating activity. Either the DO must be preoccupied with other things or its a tra...


Foster Street - Time to Splash a bit of paint around.

Posted by paulprice , 12 November 2016 - * * * * * · 422 views
n gauge, lms, passnger tanks and 4 more...
Is it just me or am I the only one who seems to just take on another project on a seemingly endless list, rather than finishing some of the on going ones. :) Today I actually got the seal of approval from the Domestic Overlord to do this project, as I must have been looking underemployed, so I was actually told to take the paint from the kitchen and...


Time for a replacement for Foster Street?

Posted by paulprice , 09 November 2016 - - - - - - · 231 views
n gauge, lms, northwest
Well another post in a short space of time, I will have to be careful in case it becomes a habit? Don't worry it wont, but this entry will be more of a list of questions. I have been thinking for a few weeks of starting a new layout, Foster Street still has a few exhibition commitments and will not be scrapped, but as the number of outstanding jobs o...


Foster Street - Time for another update.

Posted by paulprice , 06 November 2016 - * * * * * · 613 views
lms, foster street, wagon tarps and 2 more...
Well its been a while since I last posted an entry on here, some might say its not been long enough :). The reason for this is not because the Domestic Overlord has been scheduling my every waking moment. The real reason is that in part I have lost my modelling mojo, and because I have been bogged down with some of the boring time consuming jobs that...



Posted by paulprice , 29 September 2016 - - - - - - · 121 views
n gauge, exhibition, lms layout and 1 more...
Well, I don't know how but we managed to get an Invite to the WIGAN show, with Foster Street, and that's the problem, WE ARE AT THE WIGAN EXHIBITION 
If anybody is planning to attend the show, and happen to find themselves in front of the layout, try not to laugh too hard and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember do not feed the operating team :)


Foster Street - A Time to PANIC, PANIC PANIC!

Posted by paulprice , 11 September 2016 - - - - - - · 258 views
n gauge, lnms, exhibitions and 3 more...
Well it seems like ages since I have posted an entry on this site, AND NO its not because the DOMESTIC OERLORD has banned me, or anything like that, honest :) 
I have just been really, really busy and it gets worst, Foster Street is out at its first exhibition of 2016, at Fleetwood next weekend, and then its due at WIGAN, and I have loads to do.........


Foster Street - A Spot of Bad Weather Hits

Posted by paulprice , 26 June 2016 - * * * * * · 814 views
N gauge, LNER teaks and 5 more...
Well I don't know how its happened but I have managed to find a little time to actually do some modelling, and as a bonus the Domestics Overlord, very kindly allowed me a little time out from my manacles :). Just in case the Domestic Overlord reads this, I'm sorry, I'm portraying the DO in a bad light, of course I was not released from my manacles......

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