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some ex LNER locos

Posted by Barry O , 21 June 2018 - - - - - - · 319 views
OO, ex LNER, K3, J11, weathering and 1 more...
Being from County Durham I do have a soft spot for ex LNER locomotives. Helping to "play" with Herculaneum Dock (owned by Mike Edge) I have become more interested in ex LNER (and ex GC ones especially) so ... a Bachmann J11 was purchased while it was on a Rails Low price sale. New DG couplings fitted and a bit of weathering and...
I then had...


Back again! A pair of 8Fs

Posted by Barry O , 11 June 2018 - - - - - - · 441 views

Been a while... busy with holidays, cricket and client work so only bits of works undertaken for me. Two 8Fs. The first is a Ks kit built one, with a D13 and a MG Sharp gearbox. Quiet but powerful 
I got this third hand and can be used on Chapel-en-le -Frith as well as on Herculaneum Dock. The second is
 a DJH one built by me while...


Another Caprotti..this time a BR Standard 5

Posted by Barry O , 24 September 2017 - - - - - - · 514 views
DJH, BR Standard, Caprotti 5MT and 1 more...
Taken a long time to getting round to doing something with a DJH Caprotti BR Standard 5MT. I bought it pre-built but sans motor a while ago. 
A New High Level gearbox had now been fitted with a round can Mashima motor. 
It needs renumbering and weathering ready for use on Chapel en le Frith at Leeds show. 


An improved Mainline Jubilee

Posted by Barry O , 07 February 2017 - - - - - - · 326 views
oo, mainline, jubilee, comet
I have finally got round to fitting a new chassis to a very old Mainline Jubilee - I had renamed it Sturdee many moons ago.


I have used a comet chassis and valve gear/pistons kit, along with Markits wheels and a Mashima 1624 coupled to a Comet gearb...


One that nearly got away... a Ks Black 5

Posted by Barry O , 27 January 2017 - - - - - - · 303 views
Black 5, OO, Ks, kit, BR and 1 more...
As a student at Leeds University I became a member of the Leeds Model Railway Society in 1976. I attended the Exhibition that year in October (Thursday, Friday and Saturday opening in those days in a dark (and cold early and late door) Corn Exchange. I was asked to help to operate a layout by Nicktoix which was also linked to the Wigan Wallgate/Gravity ya...


And now a Jub and a Crab...

Posted by Barry O , 28 September 2016 - - - - - - · 439 views
OO, 4mm, locomotives, kit and 1 more...
I acquired a couple of ex LM designed locos in recent months. It has taken a while to get them sorted but they are now coming along. Both were built the late Geoff Brewin of Comet. First up a Ks bodied Jubilee - Leeward Islands. It has a Comet chassis and a Comet tender. I have finished it with lining and some replacement bits added.   and...


How many ex LM design 2-6-4T can you have?

Posted by Barry O , 18 September 2015 - * * * * * · 305 views

Long time since I posted on this blog. Today I was looking for a loco and came across a number of locos I hadn't photographed for my loco list. A lot are 2-6-4T - luckily they will come in handy for Mike Edges' extended version of Herculaneum Dock.

DJH Fairburn tanks awaiting weathering and couplings having been purchased recently.

a Trafford Park...


Some new locos...

Posted by Barry O , 17 March 2015 - - - - - - · 455 views
00, 4mm, steam, patriot, 04 and 3 more...
I have bought some second hand locos recently. They came without motors so I have fitted Mashima 1624s to them.

First up Derbyshire Yeomanry a Millhome Kit in BR Green weathered down a little and due to be available for our new club layout Chapel en le Frith this October at the Leeds Show.

next up a Little Engines 04/8. For use on Herculaneum Dock...


Royal Scot

Posted by Barry O , 30 January 2015 - - - - - - · 337 views
oo, weathered, ink, powder, BR and 1 more...
Long time since I added anything on my loco blog. I have acquired a few locos but haven't manage to finish any of them. Apart from this one..one of my favourite locomotives

The Old Contemptibles - a Hornby Rebuilt Scot gently weathered by me..



Stanier 8F - Hornby style!

Posted by Barry O , 16 May 2014 - - - - - - · 1,218 views

I bought a second hand Hornby 8f quite a while ago. Before I went on my holidays I had repainted the can sides and renumbered it as a BR engine. I have started to weather it so..

and a bit of a close up

Big problem is that there is oil leaching through the various "holes" in the bodywork... so more weathering will be taking place...

Hope you like...


a Great Central Director.....

Posted by Barry O , 24 February 2014 - - - - - - · 358 views
4mm, director, BR, OO, weathered and 2 more...
Finally got round to weathering my Bachmann Director. It has had a brass splasher top beading added and those awful sprayed on wooly silver lines on teh splashers removed before weathering...

(It might just get some new wheels as well...)

and a closer look at the front end..


A BR standard and one which became one...

Posted by Barry O , 12 February 2014 - - - - - - · 408 views

Been a while since an update but...

I have a few BR Standards. The Bachmann one

replaced an Airfix on which had a new chassis and running gear fitted. This one can pull most things but does anyone have a way of filling in the screw hole in the connecting rods other than modelling putty?

And another Bachmann loco - an ex LMS 2MT Mogul..


A Scottish Engine

Posted by Barry O , 29 January 2014 - - - - - - · 584 views
4mm, kit, GNSR, 4-4-0
Been a while but work.decorating/life in general is getting in the way at the moment so for the time being

A Nu-cast ex Great North of Scotland 4-4-0.

I may well sell this as it was built for layout started many years ago when I lived in Stevenage - Catrine.


A single and a NE 4-6-0

Posted by Barry O , 03 January 2014 - - - - - - · 533 views
4mm, scratchbuilt, NE S3, B16 and 1 more...
So sometimes My father made some obtuse locos...

first up a Stirling Single..  Ks tender drive and if anyone needs any Romford wheels for one of these  please pM me as I may have a large heap of them..

my only questions are -- Why? and What else to do with the spare driving wheels?

And then a really useful loco - a scratchbuilt Raven S3 (B16 to us i...



Posted by Barry O , 29 December 2013 - - - - - - · 480 views
4mm, OO, diesel, weathered and 2 more...
Two different diesels

first up a Dave Alexander Clayton - built and painted by Nicktoix. Two DS10 motors and a tad more powerful than the RTR ones..

and now for something completely different..

take a Mainline 03 with a bust motor - add vulcan chassis with romford wheels and a DS10 motor - a bit of a gentle wash over and hey presto....


a prototype... diesel

Posted by Barry O , 19 December 2013 - - - - - - · 481 views
4mm, oo, DP1, deltic, diesel
Just to show that I don't always weather my stock..

a Dapol prototype deltic on a modified set of Lima bogies - I know have replacement wheelsets to get it to run on code 75 rail... just need to fit them..


GW Super power

Posted by Barry O , 03 December 2013 - - - - - - · 504 views
Ks kit, GWR, 2-8-2T
Sometimes my father built the strangest things...


a standard Ks 2-8-2T complete with "D" Ks wheels and an HP2M....


AC Electrics

Posted by Barry O , 29 November 2013 - - - - - - · 658 views
4mm, OO, AC electric, AL1, AL6
At one time Leeds MRS set off to build a model of Hartford Junction on the WCML (for various reasons it was never finished) . As part of this I started to gather together some AC Electrics - all painted Electric Blue.

First up a Hornby bodyshelled AL1 (or 81)

New pantograph, modified bogies and added numbers/crests

and a Hornby AL6 (class 86)



ex GSWR BalticTank

Posted by Barry O , 17 November 2013 - * * * * * · 782 views
4mm, oo, G &SWR, Baltic tank and 2 more...
Finally found the GSWR Baltic Tank - its rough and ready but does give you an idea of how well proportioned these locos were. Built by my father in plasticard on a Triang chassis


Some BR Standards

Posted by Barry O , 13 November 2013 - - - - - - · 768 views
4mm, BR standard, steam, kit, OO
And just a sample of the BR Standards - strangely enough I have built these..

First up a Standard 2-6-4T - DJH kit built painted and lined by myself.

Of course Bachmann then brought one of these out and it has a lot of pipework not in the DJH kit

Next up a Standard 5MT - again a DJH kit built painted and lined by myself.

and of course just when...

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