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  1. Ey up! Gently baked by a round warm object in the skynover Norma by Park yesterday. Nice game of cricket with one very bad lower.. he pulled a hamstring and it was everyone else's fault..really! Today is shark wielding day to be followed by hard floor swabbing. Pah! Time to.. drink myvtea and get the shark out. Have a good day! Baz
  2. That's got a case of the wotsit becoming discombobulated while performing its primary function of moving.. a pair of pliers and a few rude words will fix it. Baz.. It's a common thing with some djh sets of BR standard valve gear..
  3. Ey up! Off to sunny sunny for cricket today. Its not raining... yet.. so should be OK once I have negotiated Leeds City centre (mostly under repair/change), the M621 (mostltly under repair/change), the M1 (mostly under repair/change) the M62 (mostly under repair/change), the M180.. guess what.. thatsbundervrepair... lummy theses uncivil civils companies are reaping rewards for the damage some of their very heavy lorries do. Time to get myself prepared for the day! Have as good a day as you can! Baz
  4. Ey up! Spent yesterday recovering from the wedding week... Watched some cricket.. interesting to see someone who can't get into his County team spin England to victory! Well done young man! I am donating yet more alcohol blood later today as part of my annual checkup..pah! Not a lot more to do on my slopc hit so TTFN. Baz
  5. They are part of a Roma group with the local community..I wait to see and hear what happens next. Baz
  6. Ey up! Very long day yesterday.. but a very enjoyable one. Weather was good so the ceremony took place outside in a field. Occasionally the words being spoken involved shouting slightly louder as planes took off and landed at Leeds Bradford Airport. Great guitarist played and sang as guests arrived, bridesmaids arrived in a tractor with a travel box attached. Bride arrived in another tractor proudly driven by her dad. The proceedings worked well and then into the marque for speeches, food and far too much drink (oh my aching head!). Need to go and tidy up a bit later but first.. I need coffee! Baz
  7. Ey up! Enjoyed my birthday meal last night.. won't need breakfast! Apparently I have not a lot to do for the "wedding" today.. excellent! Weather forecast has improved.. no tain until 9pm tonight.. Good. I may even be good and not drink alcohol... Time to rouse myself! Have a great Saturday! Baz
  8. Pub on the hill serves nice food.. Baz
  9. Tungsten is a very hard to machine metal.. can't imagine RTR manufacturers switching to it. If you want a really heavy metal.. use depleted uranium.. its now the metal of choice for tank munition... ( 3xcept Germany as they don't seem to have much of it..) Baz
  10. EY UP! Greeted by a card and a pressie for my birthday! Meal out arranged for ton8ght...great! @roundhouse.. not me ask LCC Social Services apparently.. Yesterday involved a walk to the Marie Celeste where my GP organised a visit to a dermatology GP. Despite the words of doom from yhe pharmacist he reckons he will keen an eye on my potassium levels otherwise... my fatgue may be psychological.. so there is a brain (!). I then moved onto cutting and edging lawns followed by prepping our garden metal gates and applying hammerstein to them. Despite it being a birthday I need to complete this today... wooooopppppiiiidddddooo! Attended a "consultation" with the Council and our 3 Councillors last night. Could be the three councillors may come to realise they need to be open and honest with the people who elected them. As most will know (especially @grandadbob) any h3ad injury involves lots of blood.. just shows how the orange one is a real wimp. If a nulled had really grazed him he may have bled a bit more... Enough Drivelling! Time to get the painting gear on.. Have as good a day as you can! Baz
  11. Ey up! Time to amble down to the Marie Celeste.. hopefully I will be back later.. Baz
  12. A very long day.. woke at 5am.. tried to print some info out .. windows 365 said... NO. I threatened it and.. off it went. What a pike of doo-doos! Set off down the M1...allgoing OK until traffic on the other carriageway started to snarl up.. so our side had lots of slowing down to rubber neckers what was causing it all. They should listen to radio Traffic reports. Made good time then..... near the turn off for Burton.. solid traffic. Waze said.. 14 minute wait to get through this.. and Waze was not wrong. Problem caused by contractors putting in extra safer pull offs In the "Smart motorways". Pitstop at Leicester Forrest then off down the M69 in time for 2 cups of coffee. Meeting went a lot better than I feared it would.. obviously someone got to the people causing a problem before we did. They can't explain what the problem is.. but do have "their solution".. a fairly typical trait in the UK.. lots of solutions which don't fix the real problem.. just oils the result of problems...problems..PAH! Example.. need more houses to be built.. ah that's due to planning restrictions.. Could it be another problem as in.. not enough skilled people or compan8es unwilling to pay for materials as the ROI is not greater than 10%? Long drive back with Waze avoiding the west Midlands road snarl ups.. Time for sleep as 08:55 appointment with Doctor to see what happens next from my test results Stay safe! Baz
  13. Dom, sorry to hear that. Lots of positive thoughts sent to all concerned. Baz
  14. Take off the lining "bands" on the coach sides.. Baz
  15. Wedding went well then some excellent food ,drink and conversations had. Wallet said "ouch" as I paid for the drinks.. Food from Grouchos in leeds....lots of meat... Baz
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