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Bay windows.

Posted by Dave John , 11 February 2018 · 395 views

So I have been making some bay windows. A few false starts but I think the ones I have ended up with have come out all right. Looking at the way the platform building was constructed; it is essentially a set of regularly spaced lateral girders holding up the roof supported by brick pillars. Th bits in between can be thought of as curtain walls , and the most symmetrical bits are the bay windows, hence the reason for starting with them is that defines the areas in between.

Anyway , first thing some fancy windows. As ever the silhouette helps, effectively scribing all the astricals. I then ran some dilute ink into them and some paint round the edges.

Attached Image

The inner and outer frames are added on the flat. helps to pre -paint them.

Attached Image

So there we are just cut them out and stick them together. The dado is made up from 1mm quarter round with a strip of 1.3 mm 10 thou stuck on top.

Attached Image

The walls were brick, but the L&D tiled them. In the case of Partick central brown below the dado, white above. They were laid in the same pattern as plain bond brick, but were smaller. The bit shown is experimental, not happy with it yet.


Oh, and I made some chimneys based on photos of the originals. Really, simple plain ones? Heh , I wish……

Attached Image

Slow but useful progress.

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Lovely work, super impressed with the windows, they look great. I think the tiles look about right too

Thanks. I think the tiles are a bit too red, difference between the on screen image and the print. I will get some matte photo paper and see if its better. 


They are actually a photo from a close up the street built early 1890s, so the pattern and patina should be about right. 

Hi Dave, that is the most impressive use of the Silhouette for making windows that I have seen yet. Very convincing. Did you use any particular method to wipe off the excess ink on the glazing?

Just slightly damp cotton buds Mikkel. 

Just slightly damp cotton buds Mikkel. 


Thanks Dave, same as me then. I asked because it must have been a big job in your case, and it's so neatly done.

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