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The Old and the New

Posted by Yan , 09 February 2018 · 97 views


Thought I'd start a workbench blog as some of the up and coming will be and in hindsight some of my passed posts are, relevant to more than one project.


Normally I think the saying goes "out with the old and in with the new", but I thought I'd try my hand at combining the old with the new.


Again I've been thinking about what skills I lack and also what I've purchased to have a go at and not had the courage to start. I think it was at a Letterhead Scaleforum that, with all the bravado of a newbie to the hobby, I purchased a Craig Welsh etch for a 9ft RCH chassis. After a very poor attempt at constructing a Bill Bedford etch for a 16T mineral wagon Mr Welsh's etch was allowed to languish in a box along with a couple of wooden mineral wagon kits. In subsequent years I've been enticed to purchased some Rumney Models etches so I thought it was about time I had a go at constructing a chassis etch od some description.


When digging out the box containing Craig Welsh's etch I found this very old Ian Kirk kit.


Posted Image


God knows how long I've had this kit. Unlike Ian Kirk's later offerings for this type of wagon there is no internal planking detail on this vintage kit. Even so I thought if I make a good attempt at marrying this to Craig's etch it could be permanently loaded with coal to disguise the lake of internal detail.



Posted Image


The body goes together reasonably well, though I think I may have to cut a new bottom for the wagon. I've already assigned the brake gear to the bin and the next task will be to remove the W irons and V hanger from the solebars.


As I'd spent a few moments (well more than a few) mulling over this little project, reading the build instructions for Craig'sand also Rumney Models etches, that was as far as I got during last evenings visit to the "Man Cave".

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Good luck with the build. Craig's etched chassis are really good. I used one under a Cambrian English China Clays RCH 7 plank wagon I originally built rather badly 30 years ago.

Justin's kits are good too. I've just built my first one.

Thanks Andrew

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