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  1. With just over a month to go to Wells and having recovered sufficiently from surgery, I have finally managed to make some progress on the fiddle yards. I have modified two of the trestles to provide a level of adjustable support and duly joined both fiddle yards to their respective end boards. I’ve then laid tracks across the gap at the Wells end and started to lay the fiddle yard track itself . I’ve settled on 6 roads which at just under 5ft long should allow me to store 2 short trains at some point in the future. I’m using brass shoot bolts to transfer power and provide alignment. The Axbridge end will have the added complication of the Cheddar West siding to worry about. Also today I was able to visit the Waterworks site courtesy of some very helpful people at Bristol Water and take photos ahead of modelling a couple of the buildings adjacent to the line. It’s amazing how much detailing went into an industrial building then compared with how much the equivalent would now. I doubt these will be ready for Wells but I should at least have a mock up.
  2. A straight wheel swap is impossible in P4 and I suspect EM. The cradle housing (as highlighted) supporting the spring clashes and will need to be removed. At that point a number of options will be available. I bought two tanks hoping they would be an easy conversion. Sadly not.
  3. Very nicely done indeed!
  4. How did you get the tank off Mark? Is it just the 2 screws and loosening the 4 retaining straps? Or do the ends need to come off too? They appear to have spigots fitting into the end of the tank
  5. Sadly, the tanks are not easily convertible to EM or P4 on first inspection. The sprung cradle seems to be encased in a housing which clashes with correctly spaced wheel sets making a wheel swap impossible, even with Exactoscale. Axles are 1.5mm parallel end, 23.9 mm long. I shall see if I can disassemble one of the two I’ve bought and investigate further. Initial thoughts are trying the Dave Bradwell sprung carrier sitting in the existing W iron, one of Rumney Models’ chassis kits or trying to fit individual Bill Bedford units as I have with other open framed wagons.
  6. Just a short update of the progress I managed to make before having my op this week. Home now with an extended sick note so hopefully will be able to do some modelling during my convalescence. The rake (or should that be shoal) of Herring are finished and awaiting a date with a rattle can. Just some holes to fill first where I’ve moved the handrails. Coupling hooks are Ambis and I’ll fit the instanter couplings once painted.
  7. Looks great Tim. For those of us not fortunate enough to have an order with Ultrascale, do you see any reason why your new method wouldn’t work with Gibson wheels? I’ve one to do at some point.
  8. I know what you mean. My ‘that’ll do’ point is a lot closer to the start than some folk on here. Adam I’m talking about you now!
  9. Trouble is I have a box with many Rummey chassis of various descriptions. Can’t resist them!
  10. Not much going on at the moment due to the house going on the market, but the tinking table is still working of sorts via a travelling modelling box. On the go at the moment is a rake of 6 ex GWR P22 hoppers. These are a straight build from the Cambrian kits and when finished will represent a fully loaded stone train. As they'll also be filled full of lead I'm not too worried about springing or compensation, though the pin points have been filed down a bit to induce a little slop. One was completed as a trial and uses buffers from Lanarkshire Models. The others are being built in a batch The empty rake is another story. That will be from 6 of the Rumney models kits and will be sprung. The aim of all of this is to have an empty rake that gets pushed into the McAlpine stone loading point in what would have been the Cheddar West siding before reappearing fully loaded. Or something like that as the exchange will actually be conducted via the fiddle yard.
  11. This is the same situation as per the past 2 years. In reality access is usually only affected for about 10 minutes and the marshals do a great job.
  12. I was thinking more like the Wurzels...
  13. With all the running repairs completed for now, I couldn’t resist putting a few items of stock on the layout before putting it away for the time being. I’ve a list of jobs to do before Wells, including finishing off stock items so I’ve filled my display case with items requiring attention, just to remind me. Some just need lamps, crews and coaling. Some need motors! Next up will be the fiddle yards. photos attached The prairie is heavily reworked Lima with Comet chassis The Collett Goods a reworked Replica with High Level chassis 5757 is a Bachman pannier with a High Level chassis 4694 is rewheeled Bachman Pannier The twin rail car a Worsley Works etch on a cut and shut Replica chassis all are detailed in my other tinking table blog.
  14. Thanks. I have fitted fish belly bogies with all the step detail added. Typo in the original post.
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