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Sorting out the snags and finding some new ones...

Posted by EHertsGER , 14 January 2018 · 499 views

Having left you all a while ago while I sorted things, we now have a update. First off is the tender. My plan was to replace the flimsy sides with something more substantial. So, removal of the old sides went well, but the slots close to the edge of the floor split - so while we have the fretsaw out, cut a new floor. I included the slots I needed as they will come in handy when rebuilding it. So here we are...


Attached Image


Attached Image


Next up, the chassis mounting in the cab. Having marked out the floor that needed to be removed, that was cut away. This let me set the chassis in place at the level required, so now to build the missing mount.


Attached Image


So, first off, bolt the chassis firmly at the front.


Attached Image


After much pondering and a couple of martinis I conjured up the idea of using the cab floor support to support a ‘false floor’ I could use to hold the anchoring nut. Like this:


Attached Image


Attached Image


So far, so good, but lets go back to the front under the smokebox. It seems the front frame extensions, well, don’t anymore...


So, cut and fit new ones.


Now, the chassis is in the right place - and by that I mean the axles are centered on the splashers, so its just down to the difference between the PDK body and the Finecast kit. Oh, wait a bit...


Now it seems the cylinders won't sit under the footplate at the right height (i.e. in line with the driving axle centers). Much fiddling about to find out why skipped past the obvious on a number of occasions until it dawned on me that the word 'Finecast' was written on the chassis. This would be an etched chassis designed to fit a cast footplate, then...


So, some spacing under the footplate is now called for so the drivers can sit in the right place and the cylinders can be mounted at the right height. It's days like this that make me wish I had built the Finecast kit...


Back soon...



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I did wonder about having a PDK/Finecast hybrid just like yours, but concluded that it was an expensive way to get there. I've just stuck with the standard Finecast spec, as that kit was going cheap at the time.

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