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  1. A Maxon near-equivalent is also a good idea if you can get one - they are supposedly a bit more robust than Escaps.
  2. is in the barbers, watching The Special Ones kick off against Sports Direct

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    2. snitchthebudgie


      Wish they hadn't

    3. 46444


      No way Jose!;-)

    4. bcnPete


      Maybe Fergie went and gave Horse the hair dryer treatment...

  3. Yes and no. Bits of the design are very simple indeed - that's Paul Hill's trademark, in a way, because he designs for robustness (look at the way he designs valve gear and motion, for example) rather than finescale.
  4. Crownline used to produce a conversion kit many years ago. It eventually became a full loco kit in itself and is now available through PDK.
  5. Interestingly the 4mm kit is the same, but the brass eccentrics are not provided.
  6. is hoofing in an order to Ultrascale and hopes there's an outside chance he might still be alive in 9 months' time....

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    2. Re6/6


      Think righteous thoughts Ivan and all will be well!

    3. Horsetan


      Think I'll book a round-the-world cruise. Hopefully will be able to pick up by the time I come back....

    4. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      You should be able to if you book your round the world cruise on a balsa float! xD

  7. No, those sank without trace and I don't think those will ever be resurrected given the way that RTR has developed. Mike Russell briefly had custody of the lot and was selling them from his DMR stand - I bought some - at the NESCOT Epsom show round about 2000, but I never saw them again after that.
  8. Dave King did indeed start up PDK not long after "retiring". Crownline Models was sold off to a bloke called Hughes, but crucially Dave retained the services of Paul Hill who was responsible for most, if not all, of the etch artwork in the Crownline kits. Whilst Crownline eventually sank without trace (some of the detailing parts were briefly in the custody of DMR's Mike Russell), PDK carried on with tweaks to update the old designs that had been previously under the Crownline label, but have never done anything kit-wise for a 9F as that pitch is well and truly occupied by others. PDK is now owned and run by Paul Hill.
  9. Ah, Queensland. Say no more....
  10. Horsetan

    Oxford N7

    Count me in for one.....
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