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Ropley - Building planning

Posted by TomE , 23 November 2011 · 772 views

Ropley Ropley Yard Ropley Shed
Hi all.

Apologies for the recent dearth of updates, this will probably be the last until Christmas as work is shortly to intervene again!

This morning I've been drawing up the plans for the carriage shed which is located at the Eastern end of the yard. I used one of the photos of the building I took on the last site visit and by importing this into paintshop pro, I was able to resize it to the correct proportions then trace over it to create a basic mock-up to make sure it all looked ok. This mock-up will then be used during the construction as a template.

This is the actual building:

Posted Image

Here's the finished template for the front elevation:

Posted Image

And the printed mock-up in the correct location:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thankfully, the building validates the height of the embankment shown earlier, as I was a little worried I'd got that too high, but with the mock-up in place, it all makes sense now!

Cheers all,

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Looks good Tom.

This is already shaping up to be a terrific layout...
Thanks Pete :)

Aha, you were right, there will of course be some bright orange in the picture.

Its rather perverse but I cant wait to see your excellent trackwork buried prototypically under all that ash/grit/muck.

PS. loving the menu , going to have to get me one of those going, have read the instructions.. just better do some modelling in order to have something to categorise!!
Nov 23 2011 21:46
What Will said about the menu. I categorised my blog shortly before I saw the thread, but a bespoke menu is cleaner.

It looks like the building will be a nice view block to the end of the layout too. Out of interest what grade/quality of paper do you use for the buildings? I'm thinking of using printed paper buildings for Littlemore.
Hi Will.

It's not perverse, I'm looking forward to it myself. I just hope the method trialed on the plank of many uses translates to a larger area..!!

Hi Rich!

The actual building will be constructed from plasticard, however when I've used paper to print bricks onto in the past its always been bog standard A4 paper. The main thing I've found is that the ink must not be water based, otherwise you just end up with a mess. The HP ink I use is quite resistant to being doused in thinners when it's being applied to the plastic shell of the building.


Tom, hi again,

Just looking back on the layout plan, are you thinking of traversers at one or both ends? I recall seeing a kettle with 4 Mk I's so assume you will have some through running or something?

Apologies as I am not familiar with the line...
Hi Pete.

The current plan is for a traverser at either end, although it needs to be one which will allow the engine to run around its train as the real things do at either end of the line.

At the station end of the layout, it also needs to be able to accommodate any future expansion of the layout to include the station area, so there is a certain amount of planning to do!


it needs to be one which will allow the engine to run around its train

aka...lift up and turn using the fingers!

How about having a sliding traverser which incorporates an integrated mini loco length sliding road at each end. The sidings can be as long as your longest train, with only the sliding road(s) aligned as and when required to suit...clear as mud!
Thats not a bad idea Pete, consider it stolen ;) I need to accomodate 5 Mk.1s + loco at a maximum, which will mean that to start with the layout will be mostly fiddle yards!



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