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  1. Ah, courage man! Looking at CargoWaggons on t'interweb there seems to be little scope for 'subtle' weathering, they need to look like they have suffered some terrible trauma.... Awaiting the RevolutioN package, I'm warming up on some unsuspecting Dapol bogie versions. These are just the initial layers. (this lot may have got a bit lost...)
  2. Tom vs. Will weathering challenge? One day I might get around to making my modern-ish Cornish layout where they can have a spin....
  3. Further thoughts re: 'reasonably priced loads'... I think KATO used to do a 6-pack of unpainted Japanese cars (1:150 scale) which were a bundle of late 90s / early 00s prototypes. I wonder if these are still available for those happy to paint their own. Here it is on an American supplier's site: https://www.hobbylinc.com/kato-1990s-toyota-automobile-set-pkg6-n-scale-model-railroad-vehicle-23505
  4. Interesting. I have to confess I haven't really got a use for the wagons themselves... but it RevolutioN were to also supply bags of suitable loads for them that could be ordered as an accesory in their own right it would be very interesting for other projects.
  5. Take a look on the delivery note, I think it is on the back. This is the one the delivery label gets peeled off, then gets put in the inside of the package.
  6. Regent #345 lands at Arley! A massive thank you to the RevolutioN team for a beautiful model... I'll get some better images at the weekend. Severn Valley regulars will recognise the real #345's typical position next to the signal box, replicated here. The real thing seems to be travelling up and down the line more these days (and is currently parked over the hill from my back garden), so it will surely appear in my 'heritage freight train'. Particular congratulations for your customer service... I recall mentioning the number might be a good choice for the standalone Regent tank, a lovely surprise that added to the excellence of the model. Still pondering how much to weather it... it might depend on how much closer the real thing gets to the paintshop. I need to get practise in before I get my Cargowaggon twins, I'll not spare the grime with those, I am warming up on some unsuspecting Dapol bogie versions....
  7. I do like subliminal advertising RevolutioN style.... ......this evening's bike ride. And yes I'm very lucky to live where I do. Really looking forward to getting my singleton Regent tank... absolutely no hurry, I'm just sending positive waves to will it to the top of the pile.
  8. They do look rather good. My modelling mojo has been flagging a little of late but the arrival of my Regent tanker may just reverse the process. Weathering will be an interesting tactical choice, in that it will represent a real preserved wagon that in real life is in need of a repaint... I guess if I weather the 1:148 version it will bode well for the real thing getting a lick of paint! https://www.svrwiki.com/Regent_Oil_%26_Texaco_345_Aviation_Fuel_Tank_Wagon#/media/File:PO_345_20170401.jpg
  9. Looking good Ben, thanks for the update, I have ordered a flashing light one and a Perrier one 'just because I was thirsty'.... (PM sent re: order) It sounds almost cruel but I am really looking forward to weathering them, I do enjoy making the Dapol bogie equivalents look almost catastrophically dirty, there is something about the texture of the sides of this kind of wagon that means you can hardly go wrong...
  10. Looking good.... I'm looking forward to meeting up for an exhibition with my incredibly geeky collection of reasonably priced* N gauge cars for the car park...! *In the Top Gear sense... they are too useful to sell....
  11. Feeling quite thirsty after zooming in on the first carriage.....
  12. Nice! I may have missed it but I'd be interested in where your people are sourced, for the line of enthusiasts by the fence. The characters on the left have maybe been on a diet, but whatever the reason they seem to blend in to the scene better than the folks in the middle. PS. Must catch up with the real thing soon.
  13. Brilliant, the shades of green 'don't quite match' to a very pleasing degree!
  14. Great news Ben, really looking forward to getting my one. PS, slightly off topic but do you know of any future exhibition appearances by Tormouth?
  15. In my experience on the midge infested front line they all seemed remarkably sane. I'm one of the ones who had a foot in both 'toy train nerd' and 'actual engineering' camps. Hard to know what the production team made of me but there may be more in the three weeks remaining, long story short 'keeps quiet and lays track vaguely towards the horizon'...!
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