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The Board Walk

Posted by Kenton , 06 February 2010 · 361 views

6 Feb 2010
well that's a real mess ...
no not the backscene cloudy blue sky effect ...
just my photography :(
Some weird lighting effect producing halos on the wood 'h' supports and a total loss of the blue tones.

Posted Image
Posted Image

but if you use your imagination it looks very much like this one in real daylight - just bigger.
Posted Image

I can see that I'm going to have real problems photography progress when it does start to happen. Such a big difference between my WB and the garage.

Posted Image

5 Feb 2010
Seem to be getting slower as I get older almost to the point of going backwards. :(
Glue problems (the wrong sort) meant repeating most of the backscene on the station board. PVA was just too brittle. However the "no-more-nails" stuff seems to be holding and so I have masked everything off for the big spray of the station board backscene.

Posted Image

It doesn't show up well here but the plastic is quite blue (see the daylight photos of its use on Sychpwll)
.. the double track mousehole to the station FY - sorry, no eyes

Posted Image

I had hoped to get it done before going in to work tonight but it didn't quite happen ... the tin of spray seems to be frozen - well the jet is blocked :( So I'll call in at Halfords for some more tomorrow. I'm hoping it will give the same translucent blue sky as before.

One thing I have decided on is that the station FY is a must have. If only to get the full use of passing trains in the station and that hidden shuttle tunnel. More woodwork :( I'll have to do the maths and see if I can get away with a double cassette.

Posted Image

20 Jan 2010
A whole 15 days passed in the blink of an eye with so little to show for it :(
I'm adding this detail here because I think it more appropriate than starting a new page.

I have decided that I can extend the storage FY to run the length of both boards. Obviously in home use this will just be used for storage but on the potential expo (or summer outdoors) version would be used to shuttle between the traverser FY and the FY at the other end of the layout.

The track needs to be hidden yet accessible along the entire length.

In addition, the layout has boards along the back - these are part of the structure and also to protect the layout from operator reaching over the layout. They will be detachable so I can physically carry the monster.

So the backscene requires separate supports.

Posted Image
Posted Image

The actual backscene will be the same painted polythene used on Sychpwll and is currently being glued to the face of these supports.

Suitable access slots or even hinged doors (nah too fancy) are also to be cut in the back boards - so that the hidden area can be reached - in that strange occurrence of a derailment!

If you have been following the "prototype" being used you will know that these will be hidden behind the station wall and bridge on the station board. On the factory board - it will be some sort of semi-relief building (by which I mean I'm currently winging it :) )

I will add more photos when the glue dries ... which seems to take forever in this cold .. the clamps are not a pretty sight.

Posted Image

5 Jan 2010
After what seems like weeks have passed and a start has finally been made. Very much the wrong time of year for me and layouts - who's daft idea was it to start the challenge during the winter ?

Those who have followed my whinging about the weather on the diary thread will know that the wood work is nearly complete .... Hooray Hoorah!! It is not that I don't like cutting and shaping wood, it is just that it seems to take so long and never seems to fit no matter how much you measure.

Still some photos at last (the quality is poor - but so is the lighting and the camera has no flash option)

This shows the completed boards and the shape of the layout. SWMBO has likened it to a coffin, with some similar comment about "if you start another **expletive** before you FINISH this one - I'll bury you in it" ....
The camera has foreshortened the appearance - the two boards really are both 5ft long. I'll try to remember to take a photo of it at some point when folded square - there is a big heavy pin hinge halfway along on the viewing side (RH in this shot) - but it is far too heavy for a one man lift - even without the track.
Posted Image

I'll apologise now for the colour of the wood sealant :D ... it is just slapped on to seal the wood from damp.

I will add a few more photos to this entry later - the paint is drying on the backscene boards.

Looking good, I think the rest of us need to heed your constant reminder about the remaining time of the RMweb challenge a bit more to match this progress. I laughed out loud at your wife's comments about the layout! Posted Image

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