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Slurry Tanks

Posted by The Fatadder , 11 March 2018 · 369 views

One of the key workings on Wheal Imogen will be separating slurry tanks out of a mixed rake of wagons and shunting them under the slurry loader. For the post privatisation period this is covered by a set of 4 Dapol Silver Bullets (they need the roof platforms and ladders upgrading but are good enough for now.) However the layout's first exhibition is likely to be running in 1980s mode, for which at present I only have the TDA bogie tank (that is almost finished). I have 4 STS TTAs (ex Bowaters) which need etched walkways, to which I am adding 3 more modern ex caustic soda TTAs.


I have picked 2 prototypes to model, one with Gloucester suspension and the other two with leaf springs. The bodies are a compromise, using a Hornby TTA body (accepting that its around 2mm in diameter too wide). The conical ends were a white metal casting, I believe original Appleby Model Engineering but they were second hand and I cannot be sure.) For the Gloucester model the chassis will be scratch built from Evergreen channel, along with Cambrian parts.


After cutting off the original ends, the two halves of the original wagon were glued together and fitted with the metal castings. All original walkway holes were filled and sanded smooth. The Hornby model comes with a 1mm step around the whole wagon, this was filed to a 45 degree angle.


The prototype has a raised box at the ends of the chassis, this has been fabricated from Evergreen strip and now awaits filler to finish off the angles.


So that just leaves the roof walkways and a little bit of work adding discharge gear to the chassis. Along with making the new chassis for the Gloucester suspension wagon.


One (fitted with the Gloucester suspension) will be finished in ECC blue, the other two in ICI black with logos painted out.


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