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  1. Just had an arrival with my bargain TMC 37/0 (the body is already soaking in IPA prior to its Loadhaul conversion to either a /5 or /7… im curious are there any restrictions with decoder choices? Not worried about cab or engine room lights but would want full control of the head/tails. Are these like the AS/Cavalex chips and requires Bachmann’s own decoder to work?
  2. a little more on 58049 last night, I think it’s pretty much there for now. Going forward I’m tempted to upgrade the top handrail to separate parts, and would love an upgrade Extreme etchings standard set of grills for it should such a thing ever appear.
  3. Accurascale’s hint toward their next announcement has spurred me to crack on with some long overdue work finishing off my Class 58s. (Just in case…. The plan has long been to eventually sell my Heljan pair to replace with a single top spec 58.) the loco was previously rebranded and renamed to 58049 and has been awaiting weathering ever since. A few steps were completed this evening with the roof sprayed with a black/grey mix, before adding a wash off dirt down the panel lines on the sides (a door guard fell off on the process!) still needs more dirt build up on the sides and underframe. A few more colours blending into the roof, and the white top handrail painting 58015 still needs a set of OO wheels which I’m hopefully sorting at Showcase Im tempted to use the same panel wash to tone down the dirt in the panel gaps
  4. It should make for a very good final saint the season with so many teams having a chance of getting into the playoffs. Hoping the results go the right way for Bath to get 2nd
  5. I thought this had posted earlier, but it appears to have vanished... This morning I took some annual leave in order to crack on with some of the bigger jobs on the layout while there was no one else in the house (to complain about me setting up a layout on the landing..,) As such Wheal Imogen and Rosevean have now been bolted together, followed by track laying. The bolting together is once again a little more tricky thanks to the design of the custom 500mm board for Wheal Imogen which doesnt have alignment points that align with a 4ft board! So I have ended up fitting the wooden location dowel to one side only, and a pair of 10mm coach bolts secure the two halves together. I have not got any copperclad sleepers for the baseboard joints so for the moment I have not glued down the 2 sleepers on the end to allow for replacement once I have a delivery. Here is a view of the new board complete with platform core glued into position, I have half an Alphaline 158 in the station for clearance testing. There are a couple of areas which will need attention, somehow there is a gap in the backscene between the two boards, not quite sure what happened there so hopefully it can come off and realign easily (I dont recall if I glued as well as screwed it on...) The back of the bridge obviously needs a lot of work, my original plan had been to model this on both sides with expansion in mind when I built Wheal Imogen, but I didnt have enough embossed sheet and with the exhibition deadline in mind I had to move on. Retrofitting to the rear of the bridge will not be straight forward as I dont have a drawing and the bridge is none removable... The river is a bigger issue, first up the baseboard edge was never cut down to the river bed level so there is a lump of 5mm ply in the way (blue arrow). Worse though is a second layer of ply visible through the water (red arrow), this should have been hidden by the deep pour water, but the leak put pay to that. I think there are two options after shortening the baseboard edge. Either repour the river on the Wheal Imogen board to increase the depth and hide the effected area (on the assumption that it wont leak any more than it already has). Or, model a weir under the bridge and have a higher level of water on the Rosevean board. I am still unsure as to what I will do for the backscene on the right hand side, where the backscene cuts the platform in half is a particular issue. There is the option of the Bugle style bridge with platform access, but I am less keen on the idea of having two bridges on the layout. A house in front would obscure from some angles, as would trees at the rear. It is going to take some more thought. Finally I am trying to put some sort of context into the track plan, a little test with some spare track shows the route the line would have taken through the other side of the bay platform before the track plan was rationalised.
  6. Will have a look and let you know, from memory they are 1.5mm. I then use either the Hurst moulding for the actual light or my 3d print
  7. The test fit of cdl lights to the Bachmann 150 is now pretty much complete, all be it I can’t test due to needing a decoder. I realised after soldering to the pins that I could have made life easier and just soldered to the track leading to the positive pin, so will do that next time. (Edit, the positive broke off while refitting the body so I’ve now done this) orange LEDs are then glued into position, before securing all the wires with electrical tape. It’s now ready for a decoder as per the 153. I think some remapping will be needed as the cdl on the 153 are on aux3 and on the 150 they are on aux 1. I will want both to trigger on the same button when in a consist. seeing as the job works, there’s no excuse not to get the other 150 wired up with its cdl now (although I will need to work out the interconnect between coaches first).
  8. a quick job finishing off a couple of Parkside Clay and a Rudd, I’m not overly keen on the moulded plastic tiebar you get with kits so always remove and replace with brass. This is the first time using Cambrian’s etches, which really speed the job up. next up I need to understand the wiring of a Bachmann 150 To suss out adding cdl lights
  9. More work this evening and the Limpet rake now has couplings on its outer ends (while the Doorand is fitted with couplings on both ends) the first wagon here needs the yeoman Y almost completely raises out, while the second the grey is almost all rust (hence not bothering to touch in where I filled the ladder location holes) the Doorand still needs custom EW&S lettering I have also found a sheet of Regional Railways logos in my transfer box, so I’ve finished correcting the second 153 for the 150 lash up. Railtec numbers were cut up to get the unit’s number, Fox Regional Railways logos and Railtec OHLE flashes. I’ve drilled the holes for the handrails which now need to be fitted. I have ran out of Par / Newquay transfers so will need to order more next time I buy transfers.
  10. Next batch of wagons is almost complete, just needing Dinghams adding on the others, and of course the numbers and weathering the Doorand on the end was scratch built years ago while the yeoman branded limpet still needs a bit of paint
  11. Just looked and I still have kits for a pair of coopercraft mink (which need the ends rebuilding), coopercraft 4 plank and 5 plank, 3 loco coal wagons and a random 4 plank of unknown providence). So there will be some more at least….
  12. An afternoon sat in the sun with a tray of PNA and 3d printed springs and the rake is now complete (along with soldering up a set of Dinghams for it) There’s not a lot more to do other than a little weathering once the new numbers are on (these were practically brand new after all)
  13. As I was making Dinghams for some modern wagons this afternoon, I made up a couple more for the wagons that were finished last weekend. Now ready to be moved out to Brent, getting towards the point where I have all the wagons the layout needs finished off…
  14. lots of tta family suspension ready for cleaning up once I get home from my eldest’s cricket tournament this morning. Looks like the revised design has come out nicely (sacrificing the holes between the spring by adding a back plate in order to reduce the number of supports). In theory this will reduce the number of failures when removing the supports at a cost of some detail you can’t really see. Will be good to start getting them fitted to the wagons.
  15. 9 limpets have now joined the PNA awaiting new springs (so I’m about half way through the stock box!) I have cleaned the printed and set it off printing a set of bunninghaus springs (I think enough for 15 wagons, which allowing for breakages removing from supports should cover this batch). The rest will get converted another day…. I have also made another silly purchase…. I have a lot of eBay saved searches for different iterations of the latest Bachmann class 37. Mostly with the aim of buying up new bodyshells as they become available. (So far having used one grey /0, 2 large logo split box, 2 large logo /4 and an intercity /4). I had been watching a Kernow large logo /0 with a missing headlight which I expected to go for circa £30 on past form. The plan was to fit replacement grills, fill a few details and a window, fit a set of flush front ends and replace 37710. Then I get an alert for a TMC weathered 37 for £130 and I couldn’t resist (admittedly for a moment I confused Deluxe weathering with Deluxe edition and got very excited…) The plan remains the same, all be it now meaning I will sell the old model and replace with the new. it will take a bit more thought as to how to modify the old noses to fit the new lighting (unless I do a bit of switching around to fit one of my 37/5 bodies back onto the new chassis.
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