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Well Lubricated

Posted by Tony Simms , in Motive Power 24 August 2010 · 431 views

As promised, I returned to the D49 today. And then remembered why it got put to one side.

Not only did the cab roof need attaching, but there was also the (very) small matter of the Wakefield Lubricators. Even with a good kit (and this is an excellent kit) there will be a point where you have to use some initiative. Despite looking and relooking, I could find no trace of etching or casting for the said item.

The approximations that I have cobbled together, are plastic cubes from microstrip, with etched washers to represent the wheels on the face and surplus washout plugs to give the profile on the lid. Once painted, you probably won't even know they're there, but it's something I just couldn't leave out.

Attached Image

For those who might not have followed my previous prose on the NEAG blog, the kit is by Bob Jones and designed especially for 2FS. When kits are this good, it's a pleasure to build them; even a ham-fisted donkey like me can have a reasonable bash. Here are a couple of shots of the loco chassis and the tender:

Attached Image

Attached Image

Just the handles on the smokebox door needed now, then it's off to the paintshop. Ready for the 2mm AGM in October? We'll see...
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Top soldering skills Tony, my hat is off to you, it really is coming along very well.
Hi Tony,

What a superb kit and your fine building skills have done it justice.

Looking forward to further updates.

That is looking lovely.
A veritable wee masterpiece B)
Tony - Very nice work - I'm not big on steam but can recognise some great workmanship in this - look forward to seeing it ex works...Pete
great work indeed.
John lewsey
Jul 03 2016 19:38
Very nice definitely one of my favourite layouts John Lewsey

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