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  1. Bet it squealed going around that curve!
  2. Today has been the best day for solar generation so far this year. 30.3 kWh of which we exported 25 kWh.
  3. Looking at the plans again it looks like your idea of running into platform 2 is the most likely. I suspect that a shunting engine would have then removed the train into the loop / headshunt to release the train engine. The shunting engine would then have been able to place the wagons as required.
  4. Ponsandane was only a loading dock until the mid 20's so would not have featured in your timescale. The Station at Penance was also remodelled around this time as well. I will have a closer look at the info I have later.
  5. In the last 24 hours I have seen 2 cars driving through red traffic lights. Neither of these were as blatant as the van that overtook a car that had stopped at lights as they turned red in Truro last week. Sadly none of these drivers were seen by the police and my dash cam is currently not working.
  6. Ponsandane did not gain direct arrivals access until late 1937 according to my information. It was possible to reverse from the down line into the loading dock or the sidings however. If this move was carried out with the train stopping as soon as possible after the point work there would be no need to run into the station.
  7. Monday to Thursday this week we have exported over 74kWh of Solar to the grid.
  8. A couple of weeks ago I picked up an auction job lot. One of the items was a Bachmann N Gauge 5566 Old Time Water Tank Union Pacific. Is this a model of a real wagon or a work of someones imagination? I understand that it should have a hand brake at one end, I do have this ready for re attachment.
  9. The pair of 37's on the Spring Cornish Explorer running round their coaches at Penzance yesterday.
  10. The only replacement chassis I am aware of is for 2mm. I wonder if the pony truck is lifting the wheel in one direction. Your other option would be to purchase another Dapol 14xx. None of the ones that I have suffer in the way that you describe.
  11. Whilst I doubt anyone on here wants this for themselves, it could make a great introduction to trains for children or grand children. Underground Ernie “Circle” Electric Train Set and Track extension set “C”. I purchased this set thinking that it would be good for my children but realistically they are too old for it now so I am hoping that it will find a home where it will be loved. This model was produced by Bachmann specifically for the toy market. It includes the loco and a coach. Easy clip together track to create a circle and a siding. There is a controller and an Underground Ernie figure. There is also a track mat to allow you to extend the set. The extension set consists of 2 sets of points and a couple of bits of track. I do not believe that this set has ever been used or even taken out of the polystyrene tray as the vast majority of it is still bagged up and tapped in place. This can be seen in the photos. I have not removed the taped items from the box so that the new owner can have the thrill of doing this. The extension set box has been squashed a bit but the track has not been affected by this. When looking at the set I did notice that a couple of bits track have tarnished a bit so I have cleaned the tops of these but there is still some marking on the side of the track. The marking on the side of the track will not cause problems with the running. The box is a little tired but is in reasonable condition given its age. This is quite a big heavy item so collection is preferred from Redruth in Cornwall. I am willing to post if required. Postage would be £7.50 and the item would be sent on a signed for service. I am happy to take payment by PayPal goods and services. If you wish to pay by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family I am happy to take these and would be prepared to give a discount to the total amount to reflect the lack of fees.
  12. A very pretty little loco, and hopefully one that will find many homes (could the 517 be shrunk to N please). I assume that the speaker will be preinstalled in all versions of the loco.
  13. A couple of photos from today. The first at Redruth, the second at Camborne. Being a Saturday the train did stop there today.
  14. Whilst waiting at some traffic lights yesterday I looked across at the and saw someones brake pad laying lonely on the road.
  15. You report the potholes on motorways and some main a roads (A30 / A38 in Cornwall) to the highways agency. https://report.nationalhighways.co.uk
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