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Attached Image: Coton-on-Dove 5 copy.jpg Attached Image: No 2 at Coton 2 copy.jpg Attached Image: Coton 1.jpg Attached Image: Coton 3.jpg Attached Image: Pic 17 A short lo res.jpg Attached Image: Coton 2.jpg

Waiting in anticipation.

4mm EM/009 1920/30 1.8m x 0.5m Electric analogue control Clive Baker Invited to Severn Valley Railway Open House 6/7th April 2019 – to be confirmed
Invited to GSR Model Event – June 2019, to be confirmed.


Attached Image: shunting copy copy.jpg Attached Image: pic 14.jpg Attached Image: K3 copy.jpg Attached Image: Jinnie.jpg Attached Image: 2F on bridge copy.jpg Attached Image: 4F.jpg Attached Image: 2F 3147.jpg Attached Image: 1240 approaching Rolleston copy.jpg



Facebook: https://www.facebook...393619157480649


Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-voSJFYG-w&t=6s


Youtube interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xR-J4u_Zuk&t=155s

4mm EM gauge 1948 / 1920/30's 6m x 0.4m Electric, analogue control Clive Baker Bloxwich (St. John's), 11th May 2019.
Stafford Model Railway Exhibition, February 2020


  Other Scale
Attached Image: 20180415_092823.jpg Attached Image: 20180415_093011.jpg Attached Image: 20180415_093515.jpg Attached Image: 20180415_093627.jpg Attached Image: 20180415_093725.jpg Attached Image: 20180415_094008.jpg Attached Image: 20180415_102931.jpg Attached Image: DAV_6989.jpg Attached Image: DAV_6990.jpg Attached Image: DAV_6991.jpg Attached Image: DAV_6989.jpg Attached Image: DAV_6990.jpg Attached Image: DAV_6991.jpg Attached Image: DAV_6999.jpg Attached Image: DAV_7001.jpg Attached Image: DAV_7010.jpg Attached Image: DAV_7027.jpg Attached Image: ICC5010background.jpg Attached Image: ICC5011.jpg Attached Image: ICC5014.jpg

French SNCF 1990s, Scale 3.5mm HO


A small layout (10 ft by 2 ft) designed to show a shunting yard in a fictional French town in the 1990s, serving a few industries at the same time. There's also a higher level line in and out of a platform, to allow a DMU or suchlike to be run.


Villefranche-la-Chapelle is a small layout designed to show a shunting yard in a fictional French town in the 1990s, serving a few industries at the same time. The area to the right was possibly once a quarry, but is now used to handle local timber and stone traffic, while the sidings to the left serve the industries of the small town on the hill behind. There's also a higher level line in and out of a platform, to allow a DMU or two to be run.


Winner of Best Continental Trophy at Warley 2015


Many more photos and Exhibition Mamnager's info download at


No van hire required.



3.5 H0 1990s 8' x 14' overall required. French SNCF 1990s, Scale 3.5mm, Gauge HO, 10 x 2 foot, Track Code 75 c/o Carshalton & Sutton MRC Taunton 2018
Bournemouth 2019
Fareham 2019
French Railways Society 2020
Folkestone 2020


  Other Scale
Attached Image: ICC2355.jpg Attached Image: ICC2357.jpg Attached Image: ICC2364.jpg Attached Image: ICC2365.jpg Attached Image: ICC2367.jpg Attached Image: ICC2369.jpg Attached Image: ICC2375.jpg Attached Image: ICC2376.jpg Attached Image: ICC2377.jpg Attached Image: Image1.jpg Attached Image: Image2.jpg Attached Image: Image3.jpg

Zevendaal is fictitiously based in the Overijssel region of the Netherlands; its character taken from the rail yards and docks of Zutphen and Deventer. The model aims to capture the atmosphere of Deventer’s Straatspoor and shunting yard combined. The layout is characterized by over sized loads and interesting Freight workings.


This layout is available for one day shows.


No Van hire required.


Lots more photos and Exhibition Manager's info download at



3.5mm H0 Current 27' x 2'. Plus operator space at rear. Self supporting c/o Carshalton & Sutton MRC Calne Model Railway Show, 2019 tbc
Folkstone 2019

Eight Dollar Canyon. USA

  Other Scale
Attached Image: _AV_1974.jpg Attached Image: _AV_1980.jpg Attached Image: 2010_0417BognorShow0048.jpg Attached Image: 2010_102168000-20031.jpg Attached Image: EightDollarTolworth2.jpg Attached Image: EightDollarTolworthprogramme.jpg Attached Image: ICC4889.jpg Attached Image: IMG_2013_05_06_8300.jpg Attached Image: IMG_2013_05_27_8416.jpg Attached Image: IMG_2014_02_08_9999_23small.jpg Attached Image: IMG_2014_02_08_9999_31.jpg Attached Image: P1370844small.jpg Attached Image: P1400807.jpg Attached Image: P1440389.jpg Attached Image: test0105.jpg

US 60s-70s Mainly Southern Pacific / Milwaukee Road, Multiple Track Circular Club Layout, Scale 3.5 mm, Gauge HO, DC, Width approx. 16' diameter circle. Code 83 some handbuilt track.


Eight Dollar Canyon combines continuous running of multiple long trains and dramatic scenery. The experience of the watcher is multiple: Different view-points around the full 360 Degree complete circuit: station, industrial, tunnels and of course the amazing canyon itself give a different dimension depending on where you stand. A multiple track fiddle yard provides a ready supply of trains, alternating with those on the equally multiple main lines.


For Exhibition managers, 8 Dollar Canyon offers visitors the long US train experience combined with continuous running and dramatic scenery. Worked from mostly outside the layout gives opportunity to the public to ask questions and interact with operators. A centre piece or just an interesting layout - either way it doesn't disappoint.


The main objective is to see long trains running round, so there will be plenty of those, but there is also the opportunity of shunting on the inner loop and its associated industry sidings. There are crossovers to the fiddle yard which is in the centre of the circle, to allow trains to be swapped over as required. Scenery has evolved really, to a mixture of red-rock desert scrubland and a spectacular rocky gorge with trestle, typical of the western USA. There is also a small town scene with some industries to give an excuse for switching cars.


A Transit type Van Hire is required


Lots more photos & Exhibition Manager's download at



3.5mm H0 1960s - 1970s 16' diameter plus operators on the outside. Viewable all round. Self supporting circular layout Carshalton & Sutton MRC Folkstone 2018
Lincoln Oct 2019 (all Modern Image)
Basingstoke Model Rail 2020

Falcon Road TMD & Prospect Yard.

Attached Image: DSC01485.JPG Attached Image: 160926 Falcon Road 01.jpg Attached Image: P1400757.jpg Attached Image: 160926 Falcon Road 17.jpg Attached Image: ICC5004.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_5.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_05_26_9999_12Small.jpg Attached Image: IMG_2014_03_17_9999_17.JPG Attached Image: DSC01470.JPG Attached Image: Building Falcon Road05.jpg Attached Image: ICC9088.jpg Attached Image: ICC5000.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2014_04_21_9999_28.jpg

consists of a freight yard, cement facility and small depot. Uses full DCC with sounds by Legomanbiffo.


We operate from the front as well as the rear.


See and read the story of the layout's build in the Layout Subjects sub-directory on RMWeb.


No Van Hire required.


Lots more photos & Exhibition Manager's download at



4mm '00' Modern Image 26' x 2' layout footprint. Overall footprint required 32 x 9' End to end. Carshalton & Sutton MRC (South London/Surrey border) Basingstoke 2018

'K' Street Yard

  Other Scale
Attached Image: 7DM24043.JPG Attached Image: 7DM24054small.jpg Attached Image: 7DM24075.JPG Attached Image: 7DM24091.JPG Attached Image: 7DM24099.JPG Attached Image: ICC2819.JPG Attached Image: ICC5056_1.JPG Attached Image: ICC5062_1.JPG Attached Image: ICC2752a.jpg Attached Image: k 5.jpg

A Milwaukee Road HO switching layout set between the late fifties to early seventies. Fictional location in the north of Spokane, Washington State. Because of competition from the Burlington Northern and Great Northern the mainline to the yard was never built, instead it had to rely on the original steeply graded line which threads its way between the buildings. This makes for complicated movements to spot loads in the correct location. It is wired to give a choice of DC or DCC working. The buildings are a mixture of Walthers and Bachman kits. The buildings have all been modified and not built straight from the box.


No Van Hire required.


Lots more photos & Exhibition Manager's download at



3.5mm H0 Late 50s 14 x 10' required in total. Self upporting with own lighting. Carshalton & Sutton MRC Lincoln Modern Image Oct 2019

Harton Gill

Attached Image: DAV_6485.jpg Attached Image: DSC01395.jpg Attached Image: DSC01400.jpg Attached Image: DSC01416.jpg Attached Image: DSC01421.jpg Attached Image: DSC01426.jpg Attached Image: DSC01440.jpg Attached Image: Harton 2 signal_2.jpg Attached Image: IMG_1555.jpg Attached Image: P1070401am.jpg Attached Image: P1440595.jpg

Steam Diesel Electric Transition Era, Tyneside Area, Coal Mine Cement Works & Station Halt, 4mm Scale, P4 Gauge Finescale, Code 75 track hand built using C&L components, four boards of 4 foot two adjoining and two facing forming an inverted 'U' shape.
Although everything on the layout should be prototypical for the southern Tyneside area in our chosen time period of the late 1960s, nonetheless Harton Gill is a fictional location. Every detail looking as though it belongs, but not actually a real place. Thus we have in the foreground an overhead-electrified private line connecting the colliery to some imaginary staithes off to the left, just like the real-life Harton Electric Railway.


No Van Hire required


Lots more photos and Exhibition Managers download at;



4mm P4 18.83 Transition. 30 x 9' required. Free standing with own lighting. Carshalton & Sutton MRC Horsham April 2019
Poole November 2019

Trinity Dock Street Bridge

Attached Image: IMG_1301.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2321.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2328.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2339.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2342.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2361.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2365.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2372.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2388.JPG Attached Image: IMG_2391.JPG


'OO' gauge 1939 2000mm (7 feet ) x 1100mm (4 feet) max End to end with rear extension Gavin Rose Redditch

Scratchy Bottom/Lowick/Friday Bridge/Gwaelod Crafu

Attached Image: Barrow 2016 b (2).JPG Attached Image: IMG_1707.JPG Attached Image: Workington4 (2).JPG


7mm/O gauge 1900-23 16f or 22ft Light Railway LSWR/LBSCR/Furness/NER/S&DJR/Cambrian Marc Dobson Warley NEC 2018 as Lowick Furness Rly
Furness 2019 Lowick Furness Rly
Folkstone 2019 Scratchy Bottom LSWR/LBSCR

Sandy Bay

Attached Image: DSCF2776.JPG Attached Image: DSCF2469.JPG Attached Image: DSCF2778.JPG Attached Image: DSCF2773.JPG Attached Image: sandbay.jpg Attached File  Sandy Bay 1.doc   11.5KB   98 downloads
Attached File  Sandy Bay 3.doc   2.7MB   56 downloads

Sandy Bay is an n gauge layout built by Kevin and Maggie Smith. It tries to capture the atmosphere of the North Yorks coast line in the mid 1950's. It combines elements from Scarborough up to Redcar. Please see my RM entry under Sandy Bay. It requires 2 operators, and NO VAN HIRE as it fits in our car.


[attachment=1040978:Sandy Bay 3.doc]


[attachment=1040976:Sandy Bay 1.doc]













N Gauge 1950's 2m x 0.7m Continuous loop Kevin Smith Possible Pickering 2019 awaiting confirmation


Attached Image: Beds Bucks Show 2018.jpg Attached Image: Overview showing station and yard.JPG


009 and 00 1948 5 ft x 2ft plus fiddle yards Station and yard Peter Blay Roade Village Hall - August 2018
De Havilland Model club - April 2019


Attached Image: DSC_7134mod1.jpg Attached Image: DSC_7093mod 2.jpg Attached Image: DSC_7310.jpg Attached Image: DSC_7294mod10.jpg Attached Image: DSC_8550-58_D8588.jpg Attached Image: DSC_8568-74_WD90434.jpg


4mm OO 1964 20ft x 2ft BR Steam/ Diesel Tony Lambert 2018 Darlington 1st & 2nd September, Shildon 6th & 7th October, Spennymoore 27th &28th October.


Attached Image: 20180427_071010.jpg Attached Image: 20180427_071046.jpg Attached Image: 20180320_223455.jpg Attached Image: 20180430_224056.jpg Attached Image: 20180208_131521.jpg Attached Image: 20180207_212618.jpg


OO gauge 1950s/ early 1960s 10ft x 2ft Through station with fiddly yard at each end Rob Gunstone Cardiff Show 20/21st October 2018

Llantwit Fardre show April (3rd weekend tbc)2019

Midland Small Layout Showcase June 2019 ( Tbc)

Sheep Lane

Attached Image: 2016-05-30 07.17.50.jpg Attached Image: 20170707_212449.jpg Attached Image: 2017-03-26 15.19.51.jpg Attached Image: 2017-03-26 15.26.40.jpg Attached Image: 2017-04-29 17.20.42.jpg Attached Image: 2017-01-19 21.00.23.jpg Attached Image: 20170501_223111.jpg


OO gauge 1950s/ early 1960s 6ft x 2ft Fiddly yard to terminus Rob Gunstone
Cheltenham October 2018.

Dunkow Road

Attached Image: Detail2.jpg Attached Image: Detail1.jpg Attached Image: Detail3.jpg Attached Image: Detail4.jpg Attached Image: Feature1.jpg Attached Image: Feature2.jpg Attached Image: Feature3.jpg Attached Image: Feature4.jpg Attached Image: Feature5.jpg Attached Image: Feature6.jpg Attached Image: Feature7.jpg Attached Image: Feature8.jpg Attached Image: Feature9.jpg Attached Image: Dunkow Road plan.jpg

Feature 1
Class 122 departs the halt with the first train of the day which includes the local trip working for a milk tank as a filthy Class 47 passes with a loaded engineers train ready for the next track possession.
Feature 2
An immaculate Class 33, perhaps “bulled up” for the VIPs on board the attached inspection saloon, pauses for the right of way. Are more line closures in the offing?
Feature 3
The twice daily milks are being loaded ably assisted by a class 22. One wonders how much longer this service & the loco will survive. The effects of Beeching & the road lobby are being felt everywhere in the local area.
Feature 4
Class 47 D1745 approaches the halt with a rake of loaded seacows in engineer’s olive having been loaded earlier in the day at Meldon Quarry.
Feature 5
Class 122 departs the halt with a single milk tank, this will be detached & trip worked by a class 14 “Teddy Bear” to & from the loading point at a local dairy.
Feature 6
The Mid-Day Express rushes through the Halt whilst a dusty Class 14 enters the branch with a local coal working. It appears there has been an accident in the adjacent yards as the ambulance escorted by the Police head for the nearest hospital.
Feature 7
A battered “Whizzo” heads the parcels whilst a recently repainted Class 22 into the recently adopted all over blue, passes with loaded grampus.
Feature 8
Class 22 6326 looks resplendent in its new livery as following the end of steam the ‘D’ prefix was dropped from all diesel locos. The Teddy Bear has been allowed access to the level crossing now that the bus has passed & its passengers disembarked.

N 5/6 10ft x 7ft Analogue Andy Small Wigan 2018. Ally Pally 2019

Gone for a Burton

Attached Image: IMG_0499.JPG Attached Image: IMG_0518.JPG Attached Image: IMG_0504.JPG Attached Image: FB_IMG_1520273404486.jpg Attached Image: FB_IMG_1520273418796.jpg Attached Image: FB_IMG_1520273371956.jpg Attached Image: FB_IMG_1520273371956.jpg Attached Image: IMG_0525.JPG Attached Image: IMG_0502.JPG Attached Image: 20171021_202441.jpg Attached Image: IMG_0527.JPG


OO 4mm 1950-1970 60"x 48" Industrial Joe BURTON model railex 2018


Attached Image: 20180113_072016.jpg Attached Image: 20180115_204318.jpg Attached Image: 20180119_222940.jpg Attached Image: 20180120_182615.jpg Attached Image: 20180120_182323.jpg Attached Image: 20180120_182747.jpg Attached Image: 20171122_040753.jpg


00 1950s/ early 1960s 10ft x 2ft Through station with fiddly yard at each end Rob Gunstone RmWeb members day Taunton April 29th 2018

Cardiff Model Railway Exhibition October 2018.

Provisionally Yate (Bristol) Feb 2nd 2019.

Ghylldale Railway

Attached Image: Ghylldale05.jpg Attached Image: ghylldale01.jpg Attached Image: IMG_1277.JPG



009 1930s 3050mm x 610mm maximum plus 1500 mm deep operating Freelance Narrow Gauge set on the Yorkshire Coast John Varley Scotrail 2019


Attached Image: image.jpg Attached Image: image.jpg Attached Image: image.jpg Attached Image: IMG_7088.PNG Attached Image: image.jpg Attached Image: image.jpg Attached Image: IMG_7087.PNG

Blog: http://www.rmweb.co....m-district-mrc/

4mm oo fine scale 1952-1957 30' wide x 2'6" deep Country terminus station Twickenham & District Model Railway Club NA

Tilley Yard South

Attached Image: TYS 50.jpg


HO/16.5mm 1950's 5'2" by 12" Inglenook Robert Strachan Seaboard Southern North American Train Show Sept 2017
Liphook and District MRS Open Day Oct 2017
Wakefield Nov 2017
Warley Nov 2017
Marlow and Maidenhead District MRC Exhibition Jan 2018
West Essex Modelrail April 2018
Abingdon and District MRC Exhibition October 2018

Little Itton

Attached Image: 20170716_163204.jpg Attached Image: 20170716_163212.jpg Attached Image: 20170716_163226.jpg Attached Image: 20170716_163234.jpg Attached Image: 20170716_163302.jpg

Little Itton is a layout I bought recently bought. I will only exhibit in the Cambridgeshire area (Peterborough-based). A van will need to be supplied, with the hire paid for by organisers. I can only do some one-day shows.



00 1960s 2ft 6in x 12ft Incl. Fiddle Yard Fiddle Yard to Terminus Pete None

North Sunderland Railway

Attached Image: D10-On-Passenger-91.jpg Attached Image: 106 shunting.JPG Attached Image: 986 at Seahouses.jpg Attached Image: 1787 at Seahouses.jpg

North Sunderland Railway

The North Sunderland Railway was one of the many small lines opened in the 1890s after the passing of the light railway Act. Its terminus and headquarters was at Seahouses. The line travelled approximately five miles to Chathill where connection could be made with the NER main line. The only intermediate station was at North Sunderland which was a good half mile from Seahouses! The line was built on the cheap using corrugated iron for the buildings.

The NSR bought Bamburgh from the Manning Wardle Company on H.P. It had a history of failing and so a number of locomotives were hired from the big railways. These included the classes Y1, Y3, Y7, J79, J71 and even an ex Lancashire and Yorkshire ‘Pug’.
The NSR was a pioneer in diesel traction, borrowing a demonstration loco in 1933 from Armstrong Whitworth’s and later purchasing ‘The Lady Armstrong’ from the same company. The Lady Armstrong’s sister engine can be seen running today on the Tanfield Railway.
The line was constantly beset with financial problems (from day 1!) and despite escaping nationalisation, it finally closed in 1951.
‘Seahouses’ was conceived during a game of chess in the March of 1983. The thought had been lying around in the back of my head since 1978 when on a school trip, our bus had parked on what was the site of the old station. Seeds were sown and over the next few years maps and photographs were collected, research was carried out and plans were eventually drawn up. With co-conspirators John Elliot and Charlie Garnell plans were formulated for an E.M. Gauge layout. Word got out and before an inch of track was laid two invitations to exhibitions were offered and accepted. There is nothing like an imminent exhibition to focus one’s mind on the task in hand! The first show was at Sunderland in September followed by the November exhibition in Newcastle. The deadlines were met although the trestles were completed on site at the Sunderland venue! The layout continued to be seen on the exhibition circuit until its last showing at Darlington in 1997 after which it was retired.
The layout lived in my garage in Houghton gathering dust, cobwebs and cat’s hairs, as my daughter’s cat found it the ideal place to sleep!. On my retirement it moved with me to Grosmont in North Yorkshire where it gathered more cobwebs. Then in about 2011 I decided to see if it would still work. After cleaning the track I put one of the trusty Y7s on the track and to our amazement it worked!. My wife took some footage of the first train to leave Seahouses since 1997 and put it on Youtube! If you have seen it; that was in the layout’s unrestored state!
I worked with Dave Scott on the restoration of an old layout Stop Gap and talking to him as we worked it was decided to give Seahouses a makeover! The only damage to the infrastructure was to the buildings. That was the cat’s favourite spot! New buildings were made and the layout rewired to push button operation for the points instead of the electric probe method. The trackwork was still in good condition. That is until I dropped a log splitter on it damaging one of the points which had to be replaced. Improvements included backscenes which the layout had never possessed, and the layout has progressed using the latest methods. Judge for yourself whether we have captured the atmosphere of the original by comparing the model with the photographs of the original.

EM 1932-51 14 ft X 1.5ft DC Ray Stewart Newcastle November 11 and 12
Lincoln February 2018
Thirsk July 2018

The Sidings

Attached Image: The_Sidings_Web_000.jpg Attached Image: 37422A.JPG Attached Image: 37424a.jpg



Featured in RailExpress Modeller June 2017

00 Scale Circa 2016 6' 6" x 1' Straight Format Nick Gurney Manchester Model Railway Society's Christmas show Dec 2nd & 3rd 2017
East Anglian Model Railway Exhibition March 2018


Attached Image: Emsworth 1.jpeg Attached Image: Emsworth 2.jpeg

Emsworth is NOT my layout, I just want to put it in. It is featured in Aug 2017 RM. If you are Emsworth's builder, thank you for your inspiration! Please ask a moderator to edit this for you. I'm sorry for taking this slot, but I would like to reserve it for you.

00 Modern Approx. 3mx1.4m scenic, plus 1.4m fiddle yard. Modern Era layout See RM Unknown