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More 2-Bil progress



I've left the roof for now and have done some work on the underframe. The truss rods are from NNK and are much better than the kit's crude plastic mouldings or trying to make these out of L section brass. They are preformed and solder up in a couple of minutes.


They are designed as a complete unit (presumably to fit the chassis of their own EMU kits), but as this made tem too wide for my chassis I removed the central section before glueing them in place.




The underframe castings I'm using are Branchlines, or at least came in their packet. They are a bit crude - far cruder than other Branchlines castings I've seen, so I'm wondering if they are actually Phoenix. As you can see from the photo below, they need a fair bit of cleaning up as the moulds were pretty worn and the two halves out of alignment.




One oddity is that the castings include some V hangers. The preserved unit at Shildon has these, but they aren't shown on any of the drawings I've got and I've not spotted any in photos of the units in service. I'm wondering if the preserved unit has been modified at some point whilst it was still operational - more research is needed in to the underframe gear.

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Hi Pete - I like your threads. They're more of a how to do articles. I find the emu's have some charm of their own. I see that DC kits mention that the old Kirk 2-Bil kits are due to be released in 2009 although 2009 is rapidly disappearing - does anybody know the state of play with this? Also with regard to the the v hangers I notice that someone on ebay offers a set of emu drawings but can't comment on their accuracy/quality of these.


As to your articles - Keep it comingbiggrin.gif

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