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  1. The joy of being in opposition is that you can promise conflicting policies to different pressure groups. It only becomes a problem when you get elected, and find yourself having to make compromises that result in an actual policy very similar to the previous Government's one that you slagged off.....
  2. The one at the Nene Valley is the larger 0-8-0Ts from the same builder. You can see the family likeness. Until recently it was their only 'foreign' steam loco in service, which was a bit of a shame given their past history of running interesting European locos. They now have the Danish 0-6-0T in service as well, and very nice it is. The Churnet valley also have a couple, this is no. 2944 "Hotspur" a few years back when it was still in ticket (with bonus S160). It's surprising how much European steam you can ride behind in the UK if you check the loco rosters carefully.
  3. I've taken to wet sanding resin aircraft in the sink. Although it's a lot easier to get 1:72 aircraft in the sink than O gauge diesels.
  4. The other option is to use 1mm x 0.25mm brass or ns strip. Solder into the hinge hole, snip off, and file off the burr. Repeat 6 times per compartment until the coach is done, or you go mad (whichever happens first).
  5. The latest MRJ has some rather lovely examples of this, when the builder of Drws-Y-Nant took the layout to the Bala show. Well worth reading.
  6. The Barrowmore group have the BR coach diagrams on their website. They aren't the most detailed drawings, but they are dimensioned and you can see stuff like the different window spacings. http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/BRBDocuments/CS/Book_No_200_EK_web.pdf I guess it was thought worth having the expense of different body shells to get an extra three feet of van space in the later Mk2 BSOs.
  7. It's the 'reading the news' bit that gets me, as if they've fallen through time from the late 1960s. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-54623417
  8. There's a 70s Railway Modeller where someone modelled one of the LNER cattle wagons with a 9' wheelbase complete with the banana shaped chassis they quickly acquired. These days you could draw the wonkiness in CAD and laser or silhouette cut it.
  9. Hobbies are often something that run in families, you generally catch railway modelling off your Dad, Grandfather or Uncle. So the likely answer is that other cultures just don't do railway modelling because they have no history of doing it to hand down.
  10. Where the value thing changes is on the lines like the SVR and GCR where your ticket is a day rover, and you can travel up and down all day. But I guess that very few 'normals' do that.
  11. I suspect the argument in both cases is 'we fill the trains at that price'
  12. I was thinking more of how it's will be presented in the media when the inevitable happens, given that we've already seen a load of petitions and letters from MPs on the back of what is basically a sob story about the nasty regulators. None of which has any actual impact on the outcome, but must generate a load of extra work for everyone involved.
  13. The problem with that approach is that delayed enforcement can be presented as 'they were OK with this last week and have randomly changed their mind'
  14. I reckon that lines like Welshpool and the Corris had the financial advantage (over, say, the Ffestiniog) of not having full time staff. Towards the end of their lives the lines were freight only and didn't operate every day of the week, and so the loco crew, guards, platelayers, fitters etc came out of a larger pool of GWR/BR(W) staff and were only 'billed' to the line when working on it. The extreme example of this being the Tralee and Dingle opening once a month for fair traffic towards the ends of its life.
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