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County Detailing part 2

The Fatadder


With everything prepared yesterday, todays job was to start gluing the loco back together.


First up the new lower boiler was fitted into place, unfortunately during fettling a small section broke off (requiring a small repair from filler). (please excuse the slightly out of focus photo, the DSLR is flat so stuck using my phone...)


Next the boiler was fitted, along with a couple of 1mm square strips of evergreen plastic strip to fill the gap between firebox and footplate


Next up the top feed, this has been removed and fitted with a replacement (unknown turned brass) liberated from my Saint project


Finally, I have started with the filler. blending the new firebox into position, and filling the holes from the LMS bits on the side. once dry tomorrow I will be sanding it all down and getting a better idea as to how it has gone.


I need to get hold of some replacement mud covers, and work out how to model the cab hand rails. And also get the new steam pipes fitted. I am a little unsure as to the right part for these, I bought some long GW ones from 247 back at Scaleforum, but not sure they are the right ones. (I will also need some for the 42xx project soon as well...)


Finally, a progression of GW 2clyinder 4-6-0s Saint - Hall - County
The Saint is still a bit of a dog to be honest, not entirely sure if it will ever see the light of day. the miss fitting lumps of white metal still need so much work to finish off, not to mention completely replacing the bent footplate...
If Bachmann or Hornby were to announce one (even with the latters Design Clever nonsense) I would be inclined to start my model of St Dunstan again...

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