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Grantham Coaling Plant 2mmFS - Coal hoist takes shape

cornish trains jez


Good afternoon,


With all the festivities almost coming to an end and the numerous visits to family and friends completed, I have managed to get a little modelling time in to progress the coaling plant. I wanted to make a little progress on the feeder floor and the chutes that deliver the coal from the tower onto the feeder floor and into the loco tenders have been put together. These were made up using 0.5mm plasticard and are slightly inaccurate compared to the prototype as the are supposed to be slightly suspended above the feeder floor at an angle whereas mine are mounted on the floor. However in this scale, they will not be too noticeable and will still look the part.





Next up, the coal hoist rails. There was a little truck on these rails that took the coal from the tippler pit up to the top of the tower which I will try and reproduce, however there are very few close ups of it so it will be made as close to the prototype as possible despite the limited information available.

After a rumage through the "box of bits", I came across some off cut pieces of copper wire which would be ideal for this. They are about 0.5mm in diameter and are a close enough match to the prototype. These rails were attached to the side of the tower by way of brackets. See photo link http://www.lner.info/forums/download/file.php?id=11541&mode=view


First off, a plan was drawn out on a piece of plywood and the formed brackets from the copper wire were installed into position using bluetac. The rails were then offered into position on the brackets, and using solder paste, were soldered onto each bracket.


Brackets in position awaiting the rails to be soldered.





Rails in position and soldered together. Just needs a little cleaning up prior to priming and painting.







The completed structure offered into position on the tower. I'm quite pleased with it (although it may be about 2mm too wide!) and will look the part once painted up.







Last photo showing the completed stairs to the top of the tower and feeder chutes in place.





As always, any comments are most welcome.


Best regards,



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