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  1. Here is my trio of CJM class 50’s. Certainly the benchmark in N by a country mile. Best regards, Jeremy
  2. Must be my eyesight. Too many years modelling 2mm! 😂 Cracking looking model though.
  3. Is it the angle of the photo or does the front cab windows slant not look quite right? P.S. please don’t shoot me, just saying.
  4. That's a really nice model Mark and a super price too. I have the same one in red, they are lovely runners too.
  5. Morning all, Received this lovely TGV Lyria set yesterday. I’ve been after one of these for a while so finally bit the bullet and bought one. Haven’t had a chance to run it yet. Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Hi guys, Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. I think I’m going to go with a combination of all suggestions. I’ll model the back wall with the doors for the fire escapes as they are on the end and could be potentially visible. The windows I’ll try and print or maybe just leave blank and paint a dark grey or something, but I’ll add the panelling so at least it’s there. This means no window cutting so should be straight forward. Best regards, Jeremy
  7. Evening all, Question for the floor - I have a dilemma with regards to the back of the office block that I am currently building. Here is a Google street view of the back of the building. As you can see, another large batch of windows to be cut out! 😬 So here is my question: Bearing in mind that this is the back of the building and it is going to sit about 15cm or so from the back scene, do I really need to model all the windows? At absolute best, the view will be the one below from the front/far end of the layout. I doubt the back will be able to be viewed at all, let alone see all the window details. Could I get away with adding a plain back to the building and just having the fire escape staircase as the sole detail to one side and the large chimneys to the other? The only issue I can see is that “I’ll always know that there are no windows modelled to the rear”. All comments and suggestions very welcome. Best regards, Jeremy
  8. Afternoon all, Been adding some more layers to the front of the office block. There is panelling just under each of the window rows and for this I found that 2mm spaced planking from a 0.5mm plastic embossed sheet seemed to be the best fit looking at Google street views of the real thing and the number of panels underneath each window aperture. Here is a screenshot of the real thing from Google street view. And here is the paneling fitted to the model. I think it’s worked out quite well. There are still some more layering details and strips to add to finish but quite happy so far. Some of the window apertures need cleaning up still but now I have the panelling on it will make this much easier to ensure they are all as identical as possible I’m going to send some drawings to York Modelmakers this week for the window frames and see what they can come up with for me. Best regards, Jeremy
  9. Looks great David! Still time to make this the Swiss section of the layout 😉 Have a great weekend! Best regards, Jeremy
  10. They look nice Gordon. I always find the team at Scograil very helpful.
  11. Well that’s 97 windows cut out! Just need to file down and clean around some of the apertures. Then cut out and add some more of the external details before attaching to the side walls. I also need to figure out window frames. I’m definitely leaning more towards 3D printed ones, so will have to research this a bit. Best regards, Jeremy
  12. Those Mafen signals look superb! There was another company doing SBB style signals but I can’t remember the name. I think they also did a gantry style signal too.
  13. First row completed! There’s a bit of tidying up of some the apertures to do but I’ll go through those once I’ve completed all 6 rows of windows. Best regards, Jeremy
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