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Calshot - It's all coming together



Firstly, thank you to all those people who took part in the poll, it's much appreciated and I am working out what best to do.


Now, today after much deliberation saw the chisel striking the extension and a large chunk of filler being reduced to nothing in order to make way for the beach. I am pleased with how it has turned out, it has created some interesting photographic shots. I need to make the wooden groynes for the beach and it is hard trying to work out what I can use...


There is still loads to do on Calshot but i'm slowly getting there. It has taken an hour to get from thinking 'Why on earth did I put an extension on?' to 'Wow, this is actually coming together nicely.' So i'm now getting the interest back from this project. I have also put a new quay wall where the lifeboat station now stands (slightly right of the original placement, but facing the other way) which lifts the appearance to no end.

I am also in the middle of changing the Cafe roof to a more suitable 'wriggly tin' covering after having had enough of the scrawled writing on it!

Finally, the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a new building taking shape. This will be a kind of store building based on one at the prototype Calshot.

Anyway, here's some photos. I would appreciate as much feedback as possible so I know i'm on the right track. :lol:





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"I need to make the wooden groynes for the beach and it is hard trying to work out what I can use..."


just some ideas I am using for the S&B terminus at Porlock Wier:


1. Cocktail sticks - cut to length and glued together vertically over a couple of lengths of 1 or 2mm stripwood runner - or a piece of 2 below split down the middle


2. I recycle the most amazing junk - cheap bamboo 'venetian type' blinds are often made from around 2mm dia. bamboo rod - I am using this as a free alternative to 1. - I've got many miles of groyne out of 1 broken blind bought from the bargain bin at a homecare center


3. Ply sleeper strip. again cut to length and glued vertically over 1 or 2mm stripwood runner - leave a slight gap between the uprights and simulate the 'chair bolt' holes with a pin! or for the masochist - use Grandt Line nuts & bolts


all dyed with light grey ink to let the wood show through


Just a thiught

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Thank you for those suggestions, i'll look around and see what materials I can use. :icon_thumbsup2:

I guess it's a case of looking at pictures of the real thing and seeing what I could use to simulate it. I have a few cocktail sticks and lollipop sticks that I may be able to use.

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Chopsticks from the Chinese restaurant come in very handy for things like this!


Loving your progress as ever. That last B+W shot looks great. Everything is looking very 'natural' where you are placing it and I think the curved edges of your board help too. Can't wait to see it with the completed castle!

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Thanks Peter,

Chopsticks - there's an idea, I have a few lying around. I've found some old bits of what looks like stained thin balsa strip but I think it may be too big. But I might try and set it into the 'sand' and see if it looks OK. The chopsticks should make good uprights. I'll definitely use a combination of things suggested from both of you, so thanks!


Thanks for the compliment too, I remember someone saying they liked the B&W shots so I might run a few off and post them on here in a bit? Making things look naturally placed is no easy task, you really have to keep moving buildings around and at different angles to get it looking right. (Make sure you view it at low level is my advice) The castle is proving difficult, and i'm not looking forward to scribing the stonework! (Plus, I can't paint!) :lol:


Anyone know where to source 1:76 scale cannons or maybe I could scratchbuild one of these:



Hope your Marchwood planning is going OK? Still makes me laugh when I imagine linking layouts, it could look rather effective - although I doubt it happening - but you never know... :icon_www:

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Interesting, i've just checked out that link and looks like I might be able to adapt some of the parts to look something like the roof AA gun - Thanks :D

Here's a trial picture of the groyne... Not bedded in but i'm not sure if the materials are too big (If you see what I mean).


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