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Lighting done (well apart from the actual lights!)



I am Christmas crackered but the woodworking is all done for the new lighting rig. I moved on from the last posting by adding the pelmet that for Fourgig East sits to the left of the public




You will see that the support is set in 9" from the edge so that the bottom of the legs will not stick out beyond the nominal footprint of the layout - I have had them kicked too many times by neighboring operators to leave it as it was!

I will have to add some packers to the key points on the underside of the layout to ensure all is level.


Moving swiftly on to the shorter fiddle yard/shed road pelmet for Fourgig, to the right of the "centre" board as the public see it




You can see my drive is not exactly level! Again the supports are set in 9" from the edge (nice car ....) The next pic shows the back of the pelmets and the method of dowelling the end ones onto the centre one.




Finally I took the time to put further work into the left pelmet to make it so it fits on the right for Summat Collery




The photo shows the rig in full "Summat" mode with the support on the left removed as the fiddle yard is non-scenic.


So, just need to get the lights. I'm planning on led as they will be light (ho ho) and very low profile. I also need to have a mammoth painting session and get a sign made for Fourgig and Summat to velcro to the centre section.


Back to work tomorrow for a rest ;)

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I am still quite a way away from this myself, but nevertheless I often spend more time looking at the legs/trestles and lighting rigs of layouts for inspiration, rather than the trains at exhibitions!


Is the pelmet flush with the outside edge of the layout or set  back? (With so many trestles standing around in the pics it's like deciphering an Escher drawing). The supports and hangers look really substantial, is this necessary or are you erring on the side of caution? I was thinking of trying aluminium channels (like those used for modular shelving supports).


What lighting are you planning on using?

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Hi Pete


yes the front of the pelmets are level with the front edge of the layout(s). Support strength? dunno, I just went with the same material that I'd used to raise the height of the layout. I used what I was familiar with I guess. Lighting will be Maplins LED lighting strips, I could get cheaper but they seem well made and easy to install etc


Hope that helps

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Very interesting! I was considering using those mini fluorescent tube lights that are also used for kitchen units, bookcases etc... but I shall have a look at those in the link, everything's going LED these days...

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