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Salisbury & S.Wilts R.S - 50th Anniv. Exhibition



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I had a very pleasant outing to the Salisbury MRC 50th Anniversary Show today. I was on a very definite mission to see two layouts in particular, first up Redford Junction in TT scale, built by fellow 3mm Society member Paul Hopkins:

RF 7955

RF 7959

RF 7964

RF 7966

RF 7968

RF 7974

RF 7976

RF 7977

RF 7979

RF 7982

RF 8023

RF 8024

RF 8028

A real inspiration and an excellent demonstration of just what can be acheived in "The Modellers Scale".

RF 8030

The man himself.


Second up was Mr Muz's most excellent Fisherton Sarum - back on its' spiritual home turf - where a half hour or so was pleasantly spent watching Graham dealing with recalcitrant Bullieds.

FS 7984

FS 7985

FS 7988

FS 7989

FS 7992

FS 8009

FS 8011

FS 8012

FS 8014

FS 8018

FS 8019

A few other views of the event:

SALIS 7993

SALIS 7994

SALIS 7995

SALIS 7996

SALIS 7997

SALIS 7999

SALIS 8000

SALIS 8004

All in all, a cracking day out. :locomotive:




In the car on the way down I had been silently chanting the following mantra to myself: "don't buy anything, don't buy anything, don't buy anything, don't buy anything".


But as things go, what with it being such a lovely bright sunny morning and having got into the spirit of all things Railway - when the bargain opportunity of four 00 LMS wagons for the price of three presented itself - well, it would have been churlish not to...


(sigh) I don't even have any track to run them on! It just remains to be seen whether if in the view of the Domestic Authorities they can be entered under the "sound investment" heading, rather than "oh god, not more toys". :sungum:

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