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Ropley - Up The Long Ladder




A slightly cruel comparison between real and model. I couldn't quite get the camera into the right position on the model!

Looks like I need a 2mm scale pigeon...


Hi all.


Some more small steps on Ropley. The water tower is heading toward completion and now has steps and a few other little details added. Still some more to go but they are quite delicate so will probably be left off until the tower is ready to be installed permanently. The interior tank details were added with the help of some photos from the very useful and informative Mid Hants Railway blog. This is well worth a read to see the work the Railway are doing, and also to show how fast things change around the real yard! The ladder is from the Ratio etch, but needed two joined together to make the length required. Hopefully the join will be strong enough to cope with the inevitable occasional knock something stick up in the middle of the layout is bound to receive over time. Since i'm modelling the tower pre-repaint, the ladder needs to be weathered down a little yet.


The one remaining issue I need to consider is water. I have already put a few layers of Kleer into the tank and was reasonably happy with the result, but there is a noticeable concave effect where the Kleer has settled in the middle lower than the edges, so if anyone has any suggestions for a product or method which doesn't do this then I'd love to hear them!


Although I think my version of the tower is a little too tall, considering it was all done by guess work and estimation it's not turned out too bad I think.


Cheers all,







More cruel close ups!

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Superb Tom. The real/model shot is excellent and just shows how good the model is. Almost can't tell which one is real and which one is model!

Very nice!

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More superb stuff Tom. Shame I can't make the layouts first outing due to clashes, its going to look excellent despite being a work in progress.



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Amazing comparison.  Very hard to believe the model is 2mm.


They need to straighten that handrail (or is it a pipe) a bit in the left hand pic :)



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