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Home Alone (again) Day One



The wife, kids and mother-in-law left at 10am today for Great Yarmouth. Not set to return until sometime on Friday, so the whole house is my workshop :)


The left hand board as the public view the layout had it's external woodwork painted black (saves you a job Pete ;) ) and left out in the sun. It's now sitting in the living room annex on two of the layout legs hardening off.


The centre board was the focus of today's efforts. Duly set up in the middle of the living room on it's legs, complete with lighting rig etc




I've been at it all day, but the point rodding is complete (hooray!)






Including a facing point lock on the point immediately after the fiddle yard, that no one can see as it's hidden behind the goods shed! I hope you're happy now Mr Skipsey :lol:




Signal wires tomorrow and hopefully the black paint too!


Oh and I've also fitted the PH Designs fencing as you can see :)




now the sun has gone down a good test of the LED lighting




Pretty pleased with that :)


and finally, one of my favorite views showing the subtle curves of the goods shed/engine shed turnout - this is why i use Templot ;)



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Looks very good Ian don't forget to paint the roding and cranks.


Seeing as you have so much time on your hands.



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Silly boy, the cranks are already painted "oily Steel", although track weathering will tone them down a bit ;)

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