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DCC Shelf!



Those of you who were at the RMweb Live event and took a peek behind the layout would have seen the lash-up that was the control panel/programming track. I realized VERY late that I needed my OO rolling road/NCE power panel for the DCC demo




so I cobbled something together from an old ice cream tub and a bit of old kitchen kick board. I had a spare panel and autoSW for the programming track. A short length of Peco flexi completed the arrangement and it all worked well at the show.


This could not continue though so I set about planning something more permanent and it occurred to me that if I could make some multi gauge track I could fit the panel and autoSW to the uPVC shelf at the rear of the layout - this is common to all my layouts so would also work for Summat Colliery etc.


Plastic Magic worked well with the Peco sleepers and I ended up with this




Much neater and I now don't need to lug the rolling road "block" with me to shows - space is a premium in the Scooby especially with Fourgig ;)


Keen eyes will note that the OO track is offset so that there is also a 9mm track should I ever go mad and do an N gauge layout :lol: In all seriousness if anyone needs an N gauge programming track at a show I have one as well as OO and O :)

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I did print off the track plan scaled down for drafting out the signalling etc which turned out to be approx N gauge - I commented at the time that it would make a nice shelf layout. I don't fancy handbuilding a double slip in N though!

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