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  1. Which brings us neatly to...
  2. The head of steel has moved on through half of the hidden sidings. In a change to the earlier plan there is now a loop for clockwise running, a loop for anti-clockwise running and a stub end track at either end for adding and removing trains. There is still a way to go until the golden spike!
  3. Not dead, just sleeping! I have given up on the handlaid 6.5mm gauge track. My bastardised track gauges were not great and faffing around with devices to operate the points was taking far too much time and effort so, I have taken the easy option and used Märklin points and sectional track plus Peco flexible track for the main runs. A 9V battery provides the oomph for testing purposes. By way of a bonus it also flips the point motors as well. That will save builidng a CDU.
  4. Small has a number of advantages when you are plagued by the usual problems of space, time, funds, deciding on a prototype/layout style/theme. You can build and get to a 'sufficiently complete' stage to scratch that particular itch fairly quickly and if you decide it isn't what you want - or you have taken it as far as you want to go - you can move on to something else. I look forward to seeing what develops.
  5. A UK driving licence can be used as proof of your identity for certain purposes but is not an 'Identity card', ditto UK passports, bank cards and such like. Being able to prove your identity is one thing, being forced to carry a document whose sole purpose is to identify you is another. Once such a thing exists many institutions will demand to see it because they can.
  6. That looks rather splendid. It is just crying out for suitable window displays.
  7. Yes,a wonderful book. He even managed to hide the Suez canal!
  8. The recent monsoon season has made the garage a less than welcoming environment but a break in the weather allowed a brief excursion to the Ercallverse. For quite a while now I have wanted to get an ET 420 set to Neustadt. Neither my Röwa nor my Roco examples could make it up the hill from Maifeld.Currently there is a long-term project on the workbench to replace the chassis of a Roco example with one from a Märklin BR515 railcar. But a bargain Märklin ET420 might just change all this... There are one or two tweaks to be made to the track and catenary so that it can use all the platforms at Maifeld and correct one at Neustadt but it can get there and back which is a win.
  9. As you used your sinister hand to wipe your backside it had probably just been doing something in the woods.
  10. For that matter 'take things back to their colony' is wrong as well. We took things to the colonies (railways for one) and brought things back (tea).
  11. And there it was, gone. An object lesson in the ephemeral nature of websites. I was enjoying trawling through some of the sections that I hadn't so far visited. Many thanks for salvaging the above for future reference.
  12. That's a shame, but fully understandable. Cheap web-hosting seems to be an increasingly rare bird and terms can change over night as companies know that migration to another host is a pain in the proverbial. I am one of the people who reads and enjoys every word. I realise it takes a lot of time and effort to tell those stories and posting them to different fourms takes even more time but please post as much as you can.
  13. No, Jethro Higgs the Pentowan lifeboat bos'n. He was some sort of secret research wallah during the war...
  14. Now go to your room young man and think very carefully about what you have done.
  15. More messing with the Arduino. It has gained an LCD screen to impart useful operation to the operator - although with the backlight on you can't see what it says on a photo - it is fine in reality. I have also added a small board to run a point servo. Now, given that an Arduino can operate a servo with one arm tied behind its back, standing on one leg whilst humming the national anthem why go to the trouble of an extra board? Using the arduino's in built ability for servos requires you to either wait until the servo finishes moving before continuing on to other things or do some tedious coding. This way it can just tell the board that the servo needs to move and let the board do the donkey work. It also has the advantage that the servo leads from the layout to the control panel could get quite long - anything upto five feet and in an electrically noisy environment like a model railway this can lead to unwanted twitching (from the operator as well as the servo). The servo board can go close to the servo and the electrical interference is minimised. (The board is a MERG kit, available to members only - https://www.merg.org.uk/content/kits)
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