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Hudson Hold Up



blog-0745200001413156904.jpgFirstly a big thank you for all the fine comments on the pictures in last post - is good to know I am doing something right! But now onto less conclusive matters.....


Having had a bit of a busy spell with work progress has been a bit slow on the KB Scale Hudson but have been managing to do a little bit each day and have made it to here;




I know the boiler isn't fitting correctly but that is because I haven't cut off the spare length of motor shaft yet and may not get around to doing it as you are about to find out. Was just at the stage where I was going to apply some power to the chassis when I found that the little lugs which the wires are soldered to on the motor had disappeared inside the plastic upper casing. Could just see one of them but other was gone. My attempts at fishing out the one only resulted in it too disappearing.




A bit of a fuzzy pic but hope you can see the problem. I did try to lever off the little metal tabs that secure the end of the Mashima but they seem very firmly fixed and can't get anything substantial enough in there to shift them. Unless anyone knows of another way (except buying a new one!), I shall have to grind them off to get inside but that then leaves me with the problem of how to fix the top back on again.


Any suggestions?

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