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Boxfile Kyle - sketches...



Update - Whilst progress has been slow on the two main boards, I have been giving the fiddleyard boards and storage a lot of thought. For a while I was torn between hacking my cassettes to fit from Coombe Junction, making new ones or using a sliding traverser.


Finally I have a direction I am going to explore further, which has been drawn through, via a series of sketches in non modelling time. The idea is to make 3 new cassettes which hinge in the middle to a] fit within the rolling stock boxfile, b] when unfolded give the required length, and c] the hinge allows the cassette to have a top to hold and protect some of the rolling stock. There may also be room between the cassettes in the box to provide additional storage for rolling stock and also I will explore the idea that additional rolling stock may be stored underneath the 2 No. Kyle boards, using the 'upside down' fiddleyard support boards as trays.


Hope this all makes sense - a few pics attach to clarify the words above...








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