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P4 Awkward Compensation Job & 0 Gauge Improvement from Crudery



To those on RMweb - I haven't updated this in a long time, less than at S4 because it took ages to work out how to paste due to RMweb making things a pain in the ass, so if you want to catch up you'll have to pop over to S4.




I haven't done much modelling for AGEEEES. I haven't been in the mood much and have had other things on the go that take priority, I have been doing a little bit of kitbashing and scratch building some loading dock but other than that not much.


I went Warley the other day on the Sunday and brought a few bits, the focus of this write up is the instillation of a compensating rocker unit into a Bachmann tank wagon that was a bit of a pig, and the improvement of a rather (in my eyes) crude 0 gauge wagon I picked up for a wee £15. Bargain.


So, P4 item first...



The pictures and text should be pretty clear what I did.




And now the 0 gauge item that only cost £15. I'm not an 0 gauge modeller but I've always wanted a go so every now and then I'm dipping into it too. It is possible for me to squeeze two model railways into my loft if I want, not massive ones but one can go above the other if I decide to do 0 gauge as well. I'm interested also in Scale7 but my opinion of the official website is best not expounded upon, suffice to say there is pretty much no useful information on there and I don't know where to look for relevant info, mainly, how to get wheels other than self laith work and what benefits does a member have?

People needn't worry about me 'defecting' or anything. I'm sticking to P4 but may also do 0 or S7 one day, no harm in modelling more than one scale right?


Ok so here it is, the 0 gauge model from Skytrex.




Is it a kit or an RTR example? I don't know, what I do know is it leaves much to be desired.

Those brackets inside the body are horrid but I'm leaving them be as the removable coal load is my answer to that. The wheel flanges are over the top large AND uneven to almost a full millimetre in places. What the hell is going on? This is beyond poor. I mini drilled the flanges but a full blown replacement may be the best option.


The mouldings in most places are ok but a little thick and chunky, I sanded down the wood grain in areas too.


Ok, what I detest is the brake gear, I'm no expert on brake gear and in P4 I have a nightmare trying to find out what to replace things with, but even 00 RTR examples are more accurate than this.


1) What the heck is with the horrid LUMP that is supposed to be 2 separate 'V' hangers?


2) Is that supposed to be a brake lever in it's locking housing? (My term as I don't know the proper name) It's way too thin and is moulded inside it. Not convincing even from a distance. Baaaaad!


What to do about it...



I painted it and weathered it severely but even then the brake gear looks horrible. So...




V hangers we neatened up. This may be somewhat extreme but there you go, to me this is nothing short of idleness in design, not that I'm a design expert because I am not but some 00 gauge models are better in accuracy than this.


Now on to the other abomination, what can we do about it?




Finito! It may be a bit inaccurate and chunky as is just my bodging, BUT! it's more accurate than it was. (In my opinion) I also on this side painted replacement planks into the model. I just like the look to be honest.





Ok, hope you enjoyed this instalment of mine for what has been a long time and and I hope it helps. I'm sure the bodge can be done in any scale.


Good day to you all. :)

Comments welcome, good or bad.

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Regarding S7 wheels, you can buy them directly from Slater's. All the main styles of wagon wheels are available to the S7 profile and back to back, as well as the coach wheelsets. Loco wheels are a different animal. The Group is working with Slater's to develop a range of suitable driving, carrying and tender wheels for a variety of steam outline locos, which will only be sold through the S7 Group Stores. The other method is to have normal FS O wheels reprofiled, either yourself (the Group can sell you a profile tool) if you have the relevant lathe skills, or by the Group (there's a service run by one of the members, at reasonable cost). If it helps, I've been a ScaleSeven member since the late 1980s, and never once had to run a lathe in anger!


The Group's web site has a fair amount of technical info scattered about, but I agree it can be hard to find answers to questions if you don't know where to look. The best bet is to contact any of the committee members and ask! 


If you visit any large scale shows, look out for the S7 demonstration stand. The guys who man it are always friendly and willing to answer most questions people might have about the standard. 

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Many many thanks. :)


That helps a lot. P4 and S7 interest me, I do P4. I'd like to do some 7mm modelling but like 00, 0 gauge track and wheels stick out badly to me and I can never ignore them thus my interest in S7.


If I become a member at some point, other than access to the stores what benefits are there? This was one of my issues with the website as it seems to lack a lot of basic info.


What sort of price are we talking for wheel re-profiling?


Thanks for the info. :)

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I don't model S7 and never have the space, but $20 pound membership with a magazine each quarter sounds like good value... even better if you can buy things for cheaper.


Regarding the hole in the break leaver, is it possible to plug it up with some round stick styrene. Good job fixing what I agree is a very poor model for something that is twice the size of OO.


I say to my partner that theres no harm in modelling more than one gauge either :P... still waiting for the green light to go OO9. :P

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Hi Heather, thanks for the info that's great.  If you could find out how much per wheel or axle etc then that'd also be great.  It's things like this that help people decide if it is a good idea or not.  (own skill, time, finances etc)


"I'll give feedback to the webmaster about your comments to see if it can be improved. It is the Group's window to the world, so it ought to as good as we can make it."


That's cool :)

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I didn't realise this post got a bunch of comments as I don't go on RMweb often, so thank you all. I'll quote and reply to the rest below.







"Phil Parker has done a similar job with one of these wagons:


Skytrex PO Wagon (Part 2) (Part 3)"


Sweet, I will check it out. :)



"interesting, I might have a go at this with the 3 skytrex wagons I've just done some work on"

Glad I have inspired someone. :)


"Regarding the hole in the break leaver, is it possible to plug it up with some round stick styrene. Good job fixing what I agree is a very poor model for something that is twice the size of OO.




I say to my partner that there's no harm in modelling more than one gauge either :P... still waiting for the green light to go OO9. :P "


Indeed. Thanks for the compliment. For a 0 gauge wagon you expect it to surpass 00 in terms of accuracy and detail in at least a mild way, especially as it is visually easier to see.


I think the idea of modelling 2 gauges is a nice one, variety is always nice.

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