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  • RMweb Gold

Very nice, I was so captivated by the video I got all disappointed when it ended smile.gif. You mention that you've got past a period of modeller's block - well that certainly seems to be the case, I'm really impressed by how fast this scene is developing.


Can I ask what you used to make the platform deck beneath the shelter? Looks very good.



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Thanks for taking the time to comment. The platform deck is made from thin balsa wood stripping. I think it was about 1.5mm thick. I cut it into planks with the grain running along the plank. Balsa was used as "bearers" running parallel to the rails then the top deck was glued at 90degrees to the rails one plank at a time. Its glued down with superglue. The colour is a brushing of a watery domestic wood stain applied in a non uniform patchy effect.


I do like using real wood as it has a natural grain that is hard to copy.

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  • RMweb Gold

Many thanks for that detailed info, notes have been taken!


I agree, real wood looks very good on a layout, at least when it's done well like you have here.

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