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Is it that long ?



It's been a while since I posted here and having to warm the shed up before working out there in this weather has led to a loss of enthusiasmsad.gif . However I have not been completely idle. I have coverted one of my Hornby Stanier firsts into 'porthole' type. Comet sides. Quite pleased with the outcome and may do one of the old Mainline 60' ones.




Few odds and ends to do yet. Grab handles, extra footsteps on corridor side and I need to adjust the compartment arrangement. Not sure if they ever carried roundels and yellow first class stripe, but I like it and it adds a little more variety to the train.

The other thing I will be doing over the next couple of weeks, is to convert my Lima ED to all wheel drive. For this I have purchased a Bachmann class 20 chassis. As this new chassis is the 21 pin type, it will be going into my class 20 and the old one will be converted. The bogie wheelbase is the same as the Lima one, though I understand it should be 1mm out. The wheels are also 1mm too big, but this is closer than the Lima wheels which are 1.2mm undersize, once fitted the bogie sideframes will disguise this. The biggest descrepancy is the bogies centres, 24' for the 20 and 32' for the ED. Hopefully this will not be too noticablebiggrin.gif . No, this is one of the reasons I chose a 20 chassis. It will be easier to cut than some chassis on account of less metal and the footplate make fitting the extension bars somewhat easier. 4mm square brass tube has been procured for this and will be epoxyed (ied ?)in place, with brass plate on the sides. Only one end will be extended and a longer cardan shaft has been sourced from Bachmann, though this may need extending as well, but easier than the ones on it already. I will endeavor to post progress in this blog.


Meanwhile, one more day to work before Christmas. I just hope it is a little less hectic than todayblink.gif . I'm off to Pompey again.


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Cross-country services from Pompey always were a nightmare, I seem to recall, being well-overloaded at peaks periods like this. Good luck, Julian!

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Cross-country services from Pompey always were a nightmare, I seem to recall, being well-overloaded at peaks periods like this. Good luck, Julian!

There were no 'juice' services running due to freezing rain on the conductor rails. We took as many as we could safely board onwards towards Pompey. Today just loads of people travelling. Later problems caused by lowlife scum in the Highbridge area stealing cableangry.gif . XC services terminating at BTM. Took around 200 to Weston in a 150.blink.gif blink.gif Once passengers were aware of the root cause of the problem, they appreciated that we were doing our best to get them home. I felt really sorry for those travelling on to Devon and Cornwall, as well as our own and XC staff that had to get home to London and the midlands for a finish.

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