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  1. Life In The Modern World - Crusaders
  2. I think these were ex-Santa Fe units, via the D&H?
  3. I'm sure that is what the party's policy wonk hopes you will think.
  4. I see conscription as utterly out of step with the way society has changed in the UK. When it was abolished more than 60 years ago, societal behaviour was much more consensual, not unrelated to the fact that so many had come through a long war in which people really did have to pull together. And the military was still far more numerous, and set up to take reluctant teens and turn them into something almost useful, as had been going on since that conflict. The average teen these days is much more empowered and has opinions, many of which would be at considerable odds with traditional military values based upon discipline and obedience.
  5. It appears that the Red Bull has, for a couple of seasons, not ridden kerbs etc as well as others. But when you are pulling out half a second a lap, you can avoid them. Now the others are catching up and this is rendering Max as vulnerable to his car's weakness, when under pressure and having to use the kerbs to stay ahead.
  6. Fings Ain't What They Used To Be - Max Bygraves
  7. And his employer had already lost one chassis yesterday....
  8. I've heard of having a tender behind, but a pannier behind is a new one on me.
  9. And it would cut right across the present policy of getting as many young people into further and higher education. Qualis matter more now than ever before, in a narrowing job market.
  10. For which those of us enjoying their products are deeply grateful!
  11. Without watching, except in virtual terms via the BBC website, it appeared that was the modus operandi of all the top 10 yesterday, and with good reason. As everyone agrees, the cars have outgrown the track and that's that. Even Max behaved sensibly once on George's tail. The latter, despite his sulky response to the pit instructions, made mediums last much longer than anyone had imagined safely possible. A tedious race for those of us who care, but an ideal colourful spectacle for those enjoying champoo and sun.
  12. Forgive me brethren, for I have sinned mightily. I have, in recent weeks, purchased from one of this thread's least popular ebayers three kit-built coaches, for three-figure sums each. In mitigation, two of the three are signed by Larry Goddard, and the third is beautifully finished, too. A Southern Railway Dia 2406 in Malachite, it even has the seat numbers above the windows. Having seen an online quote for comparable new models built and painted for over £400, paying less than half that sum actually does seem a bargain.
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