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Track Plan




The proposed model is not based on a prototype. I have a lot of admiration for modellers who create accurate representations of real locations and often find them the most interesting layouts at exhibitions. Part of the enjoyment for me however is to decide what I want and where I want to put it. I do however want to create something that is at least credible; allowing for space compression!


I have spent much time studying other layout plans, internet resources and experimentating with Peco PDF Track Templates. The aims of the track plan are to put the most interest centre stage, to avoid aligning the track with the baseboard edges and to not overfill the space, which is difficult given the small area.




The final track plan created using the excellent SCARM is shown below. The plan includes a station building, goods shed and engine shed. The engine shed will obscure the view of the exit to the right which will be under a low relief road bridge. A cattle dock may also feature but that is not yet decided.




SCARM can even show a 3D mock up, although the roofs look huge:




The advantages of the plan for me are:

  • It puts the main interest in the middle of the scene
  • It allows me to accommodate large radius points

I am using a Y point but consider that to be acceptable in my large radius scheme. I am also using a double slip to allow me to fit the plan in to the available space. Back to back points would be better but there is not enough space. Two tracks disappear off scene to the right to assumed further points joining them to the single track branch line with a head shunt.

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